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We always need more programmers. The possibilities for new shows is endless. I’ve often wondered why in a community of avid gardeners we don’t have a garden show. There are so many articulate passionate people on Cortes that we could have a truly diverse, unique radio station.

Deep Roots Initiative

March 01, 2016 to March 01 2017

The CKTZ Deep Roots Initiative

The Deep Roots Initiative will develop local and regionally based community radio programming on First Nations culture and environmental issues. The Deep Roots Initiative will build upon a strong foundation of CKTZ’s successful Legends series over the past year, and our long running Coast Salish language program. This new initiative will add new programming on First Nations culture, perspective and history linked with new programming on environmental issues seen from a local level. Most environmental issues are global in nature, but have local faces. And all have appropriate local strategies and actions as responses to them. These local strategies and actions can be effectively informed and transformed by traditional knowledge.

The Deep Roots Initiative will tap sources of traditional culture and ancient practices as well as modern environmental science and action. For example, a story of traditional and ceremonial uses of cedar may be followed by a report on the state of the world’s forests; their effects on climate, and local eco-forestry efforts. A story on ancient legends of sea animals may be followed by a report on the state of the world’s oceans; the subsequent effect on all life, and local sustainable fishery efforts.

Our startup partner in the Deep Roots Initiative is the Friends of Cortes Island Society (FOCI). The FOCI mission is environmental education, an ideal match for the Deep Roots concept. It is our honour to have Klahoose First Nation participation; representatives from Klahoose and FOCI will be ongoing partners in the steering committee that guides the project.

Cortes has a remarkable reservoir of cultural knowledge, environmental science and practical expertise, all with deep roots in volunteerism and local responsibility. The Initiative will provide the vehicle for putting those resources to work in the community, through the radio.

We expect to train several new story researchers and producers; the capacity building work will particularly invite youth and people of First Nations heritage to participate.

Press Release~DEEP ROOTS INITATIVE- Program Description

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