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The Deep Roots Initiative – Update

Cortes Radio, in collaboration with Klahoose First Nation and Friends of Cortes Island, is proud to announce progress on our 2016-17 Deep Roots spoken word initiative. Deep Roots seeks solutions to current environmental issues, and preserves traditional First Nations...

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Save the Date/s!

Save the Date/s!

July 30th - Cortes Summer Lip Sync Aug 6th - Quadra Lip Sync in partnership with Theatre Quadra Time to start getting your act together for Cortes Radio’s Annual Summer Show on July 30th. For the first time, we will having a show on Quadra, August 6th. We will...

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Listener Survey

A big shout out of appreciation to all those wonderful people who took the time to participate in our survey.
If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the survey, we still welcome your comments via email.

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Number 273 - Cortes Radio. The True Value Stores on Quadra Island have a very generous program called Spirit Points where they will donate 1% of your purchases to community organizations.

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Programmers Wanted


We always need more programmers. The possibilities for new shows is endless. I’ve often wondered why in a community of avid gardeners we don’t have a garden show. There are so many articulate passionate people on Cortes that we could have a truly diverse, unique radio station.