The ECOreport started out as an environmental news website in which owner/editor Roy L Hales asks asking What Works? What Doesn’t? And what can we do about it?

The site’s written articles are reposted on better known web platforms like Clean Technica, PVSolar Report and East County Magazine.

In July 2014, the ECOreport also became a radio program on CKTZ.


Catching English Fish And Chips

(The ECOreport broadcast for Aug 22, 2018)Bernie Anderson and Leila Gmeiner had big expectations in the Spring of 1978. For the past two years, they had been homesteading in the wilderness of Toba Inlet, British Columbia. Then a friend offered them the use of his fishing boat. They had to make the monthly payments to the bank of course, but any profits beyond that were theirs to keep. Nobody could foresee they would be catching English Fish and Chips. (Read More)

The Greenroom Queen

(The ECOreport broadcast for July 18, 2018) Her artistic roots go back to Vienna, while Russian troops still occupied part of the city. Years later, cast as the female lead in “As You Like It,” she found a much more fulfilling role than centre stage. She will be performing it again at this summer’s Lip Sync. Lella Gmeiner is the Queen of the Green Room. (Read More)

Laura Balducci’s ART

(The ECOreport broadcast for July 25, 2018) The audio version of this story opens with a clip from Laura Balducci’s art installation “The Other-Side Presents That Wall,” which was at the Old School House Art Gallery on Cortes Island in the summer of 2016. The video of another of her multi-media performances, “Sense That Sin” was part of a show last month. Laura is a film maker, promoter, curator, painter, doll-maker, hair dresser, make-up artist and the former lead singer of a female punk band. She promotes the Old School House Art Gallery through her website and Facebook page and is curating the annual member’s show, SPACE, which opens at 6 PM on Friday, July 27, 2018. This morning’s interview is devoted to Laura Balducci’s art.(Read More)

Paths of Beauty

(The ECOreport broadcast for July 18, 2018) His musical roots go back to the McCarthy era, when the United States was purging itself of anything that could be labelled communist. Pete Seeger gave him tips on how to play the guitar. He was a member of the psychedelic rock band Mad River, which released two albums in San Francisco before it disbanded in 1969. On Cortes Island, he is somewhat of a musical icon. In addition to being a songwriter, he is one of the key organizers of Lovefest and the face of CKTZ’s Lip Syncs for the past decade. In this morning’s interview, Rick Bockner talks about paths of beauty.(Read More)

Stop Recreational Boaters From Polluting Cortes Islands Protected Areas

(The ECOreport broadcast for July 11, 2018) -There are good reasons that boaters are not allowed to dump chemicals, sewage and other debris in Carrington Bay, Cortes Bay, Gorge Harbour, Squirrel Cove, or Manson’s Landing. “[Cortes Island] has the best oysters in the area, [possibly] because it is supposed to have such pristine clean water,” says Julia Rendall, President of the 13 member Bee Islets Growers Corporation. She explained that violations “could close us down and if we are closed down I think we have to have three tests, three weeks in a row, clear. So it could, in theory, close you down for about a month.” Cortes Island’s unique environmental features resulted in the creation of  several marine parks. Contamination is a concern for all islanders, whether they are shellfish harvesters or not. These areas are currently designated as “No Discharge Zones” under federal regulations. Never-the-less, violations periodically do occur and a recent incident illustrates the difficulties of trying to stop recreational boaters from polluting Cortes Islands protected areas.(Read More)

Living Between Two Worlds

(The ECOreport broadcast for July 4, 2018) - From the beginning, Meinsje was been a prominent voice in Cortes Island’s artistic community. She taught art at the Linnaea school for fifteen years and is a director of the Old SchoolHouse Art Gallery. Meinsje’s “Dream Caravan” dance troop, her performances at Cortes Island Lip Syncs and Cabarets, puppetry and paintings continue to captivate viewers. In this morning’s interview, Meinsje describes what it was like living between two worlds. (Read More)

Addressing the Cortes Island Housing Crises

(The ECOreport broadcast for June 27, 2018) - Some vital issues undergird the impending Cortes Community Housing fund raiser, on July 14. According to David Rousseau, one of the principal organizers, “We are slowly slipping towards a community of older people who can not afford to be here. And the people who want to come here; live here;  raise families and work here are slowly being squeezed out.” He points to Hornby Island as an example of what could happen. (The population average is a decade older than on Cortes and most trades come from off island.) Cortes Island Seniors Society’s purchase of a 51 acre parcel close to downtown Mansons Landing is a significant step towards addressing the Cortes Island Housing Crises.(Read More)

Cortes Community Forest’s First Five Years

(The ECOreport broadcast for June 20, 2018) - British Columbia’s old growth forests fertilize themselves as efficiently as a farmer looking after his fields. The tree plantations that are fast replacing them lack this ability. If this trend continues, the province’s vast forests may be a memory in the next two or three centuries. The inhabitants of one tiny island are trying to change this. In this morning’s program one of the directors, Bruce Ellingsen, tells me about Cortes Community Forests first five years of operations.(Read More)

Susans Vijaya Talks About Becoming More Public

(The ECOreport broadcast for June 13, 2018) She exploded onto Cortes Island’s Lip Sync stage four years ago, introducing the musical tastes of her native Portugal. She can also render a sultry imitation of Tina Turner. Her radio program Vinho do Porto is among CKTZ’s most popular. In this morning’s show, Susana Vijaya talks about becoming more public.(Read More)

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Before the ECOreport

Roy L Hales

Roy L Hales has been writing for as long as he can remember. His first stories were compilations of pictures. He has started writing books, but so far gets lost in the web expanding research possibilities before him. As a result corrections turned into restarts of the story line.

Writing for newspapers and magazines was simpler. They are short and tend to be a snapshot in time rather than comprehensive treatment of a subject. He started writing for the Fraser Valley Record (now the Mission City Record), while waiting for an archaeologist to comment on the first draft of a book, in 1982. Roy set the book aside three years later, but continued to be published in newspapers and magazines until 2006. He wrote about 500 articles for print media.

Roy was in charge of publicity for Vancouver’s Third Cross Cultural Conference in 1987.

He was the editor of the Vine Press, a quarterly publication of the Vineyard movement, in 1992-93 and curator of the Vineyard Gallery in 1993-96. He also handled PR for the Christian artists and writers group Artistic License from 1993-96 and arranged for exhibitions at venues like the Lookout Gallery at Regent College, UBC; Langley Centennial Museum and Exhibition Centre and what is now called the Ranger Station Art Gallery at Harrison Hot Springs.

Roy was interviewed by the late Bernice Gerrard on “Sunday Line”, and profiled in BC Report as well as the Langley Times.

During this period, his artwork was displayed in numerous solo and joint exhibitions, foyer displays and group exhibitions.

On The Web

 Roy entered the world of web publications as editor of San Diego Loves Green in the fall of 2012, and left that venue to building his own website (the ECOreport) in December 2013.

He started broadcasting the ECOreport radio program on Cortes Community Radio, CKTZ 89.5 FM in the summer of 2014 and became the society’s President in June 2017.

Top Photo Credit: Roy L Hales