The ECOreport visits Phillips Arm Fish Farm

The ECOreport has been been Cortes Community Radio’s only locally produced news program since 2014. It started out as an environmental news website, whose articles are reposted on better known web platforms like Clean Technica, PVSolar Report and East County Magazine. Written articles are still published on the Econreport.

Before the ECOreport

Roy L Hales has been writing for as long as he can remember. His first stories were compilations of pictures. He has started writing books, but so far gets lost in the web expanding research possibilities before him. As a result corrections turned into restarts of the story line.

Writing for newspapers and magazines was simpler. They are short and tend to be a snapshot in time rather than comprehensive treatment of a subject. He started writing for the Fraser Valley Record (now the Mission City Record), while waiting for an archaeologist to comment on the first draft of a book, in 1982. Roy set the book aside three years later, but continued to be published in newspapers and magazines until 2006. He wrote about 500 articles for print media.

Roy was in charge of publicity for Vancouver’s Third Cross Cultural Conference in 1987.

He was the editor of the Vine Press, a quarterly publication of the Vineyard movement, in 1992-93 and curator of the Vineyard Gallery in 1993-96. He also handled PR for the Christian artists and writers group Artistic License from 1993-96 and arranged for exhibitions at venues like the Lookout Gallery at Regent College, UBC; Langley Centennial Museum and Exhibition Centre and what is now called the Ranger Station Art Gallery at Harrison Hot Springs.

Roy was interviewed by the late Bernice Gerrard, and profiled in BC Report and the Langley Times.

During this period, his artwork was displayed in numerous solo and joint exhibitions, foyer displays and group exhibitions.

Roy entered the world of web publications as editor of San Diego Loves Green in the fall of 2012, and left that venue to building his own website (the ECOreport) in December 2013.

Some recent programs on the ECOreport:

Return of The Humpbacks

The ECOreport broadcast, November 14, 2017 - “…. Up until a few years ago, there have been no humpback whale sightings since 1871. This morning’s broadcast consists of a series of  interviews about the humpbacks return to Cortes Island. (Read More)

Protecting Wild Salmon Behind The Fraser River’s Dikes & Side Channels

(Broadcast Nov 8 @ 9 AM) There is more than 1,400 km of salmon habitat behind floodgates in the lower Fraser Valley. The lead author of a Simon Fraser University study wrote, ” … Floodgates are installed to protect homes and farms from flooding, however, when they are closed, they also bar native fish from accessing valuable habitat.” A related study by the University of Victoria Environmental Law Centre found that there is little ongoing government oversight of fish habitat behind dikes, or fish passage through flood structures. Who is protecting wild salmon behind the Fraser River’s dikes & side channels? (Read More)

Is FM Radio Still Relevant?

(Broadcast Wednesday, Nov 8 @ 9 am & Sept 20 at 7:00 AM) In a world where even television is being eclipsed by the internet, recent polls show that close to 80% of the American public still listens to FM radio at least once a day. More Americans listen to AM/FM radio each week than use Facebook. The statistics are similar for Canada. How is FM radio still relevant? (Read More)

Phil’s Pick N Mix

(Broadcast Nov 1 @ 9 AM) Phil Allen became a DJ back in the years that Cortes Community radio was a pirate station. He likes to find new music and share it with others. Phil jokes that his show is the one man and his dog show. It can feel very lonely, being in the DJ booth by himself speaking into a microphone. You don’t know if anyone is actually listening until someone comments about your show. So why does he do it? What is the Story Behind Phil’s Pick ’n Mix? (Read More & listen to Podcast)

Phil Allen of Phil's Pick n Mix - Roy L Hales photo

Andy Vine & The Fold Club

(Broadcast Oct 25 @ 7 AM) Andy Vine’s best known song is probably Woman of Labrador, which was released in 2005. His musical roots go back to the UK’s 1960s folk revival. CKTZ listeners know him as the host of the Folk Club, every Wednesday at 10:00 AM. I recently interviewed Andy about folk music, his trip to Ireland and much more. (Read More & Listen to podcasts)

What Do You Think Site C Is Really About?

( Broadcast Wednesday, Wed: Oct, 18, 2017 at 7:00 AM) The last of the B.C. Utility Commission’s Community Input Sessions was at the Victoria, on October 11, 2017. Having already covered this story dozens of times, I was not that interested in listening to a repetition of the same old arguments. So I asked Torrance Coste of the Wilderness Committee, “What do you think Site C is really about?” (Read More)

Greater Victoria’s Common Vision For Social & Ecological Change

(Broadcast Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 7:00 AM) According to Paul Cheoketen Wagner colonial society has ruled over this land for the blink of an eye and brought it to the precipice of a climate that is ready to collapse. That’s because we, “have not paid attention to natural law.” We need to step back and take a look at how we can govern a place that holds regard for every aspect of [life]. For a government that only seeks to profit from the things around it, “will continue upon those lines.” He was one of the speakers at a weekend conference dedicated to finding Victoria’s common vision for social & ecological change. (Read More)

Basil Creek Stream Restoration

(Broadcast Wed: Oct 4, 2017 at 7:00 AM) – “the “Basil Creek culvert project was over the top from the very beginning. Everything that needed to be done, is done: and then some more, always some more …” (Read More)