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CKTZ’s Reach Extends Beyond Cortes Island

DJ's Chair

Thirteen years ago a tiny group of enthusiastic Cortes Islanders launched their own pirate radio station, sticking the antenna up a tree. Cortes Community Radio was still the expression of a remote island community, when the station received its license in 2011. Now CKTZ’s reach extends beyond Cortes Island.

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2017 Market Sales & Lipsyncs

The end of Cortes Community Radio’s fall sales season is approaching. How important is this? And What changes have transpired recently? A Q & A with station manager Howie Roman about 2017 Market Sales & Lipsyncs.

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Free Range Radio

Originally Posted on the ECOreport

Doug Hamel made his first broadcast almost two months ago. His two-hour-long tribute to Gord Downey was the beginning. Doug had underwent some introductory DJ training at Cortes Radio months before, but found the time commitment intimidating. He works as a building contractor six days a week! Everything changed that first day he spoke into the microphone. That was the birth of Free Range Radio.

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Becoming Cortes Community Radio, CKTZ 89.5 FM

Originally Published on the ECOreport

George Sirk whispered “Cortes Radio” for years before he found the right pair of ears. This led to a meeting at Manson’s Hall, to  discuss possibilities. Howie Roman attended and, six months after the station was launched, became a DJ. He still is. “My prime interest in Cortes radio is [that] I really enjoy having a show.”  Howie served on CKTZ’s board for five years, the maximum amount allowed by the society’s constitution, and now is the station’s manager. In this morning’s interview, I ask Howie about the process of becoming Cortes Community Radio, CKTZ 89.5 FM.

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CKTZ’s Upcoming Markets

Cortes - Manson’s Hall: Nov 25; Dec 1, 8, 15. 
Cortes - Whaletown Christmas Bazar: Dec 2
Quadra - Community Centre: Dec 2, 16.

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Number 273 - Cortes Radio. The True Value Stores on Quadra Island have a very generous program called Spirit Points where they will donate 1% of your purchases to community organizations.

Programmers Wanted

CKTZ is a non profit community organization that survives by the involvement of our listeners. Think about joining us- you’ll have fun! We always need more programmers. The possibilities for new shows is endless.