Cortes Island - Cortes Community Radio’s 2017 AGM was held at the station, in Mansons Landing, B.C., on Sunday, June 11, 2017.

The key message was delivered by outgoing President Sheryl Thompson, who said 2016/17 was a breakthrough year.

2017 was a Breakthrough Year

by Sheryl Thompson | CZTK's 2017 AGM

2016/17 Was A Breakthrough Year Because:

  • the “Deep Roots” and “Vintage Vignettes”  programs were launched.
  • CKTZ also produced “Rendezvous,” a French Language series for the National Community Radio Association that is now available across the country.
  • CKTZ Initiated partnerships with the Klahoose First Nation, Friends of Cortes Island (FOCI), Cortes Island Museum and Theatre Quadra.
  • An emergency back-up for the radio station tower, for power outages of up to 36 hours, was funded by a BC Gaming Grant.
  • CKTZ held its very first cabaret (licensed adult night).
  • CKTZ held 3 Lip Syncs: 2 on Cortes and 1 on Quadra Island.
  • And Much more….

Proposal For Operating Committees

To keep up the momentum, a proposal to set up operating committees was brought forward. This is meant to spread the work load out from the board to the membership.

Some Proposed Committees:

  • Program Committee - oversees broadcast content, DJ conduct, recorded messages etc, Receives proposals for new shows
  • Major Projects & Grants Committee - Guides “Deep Roots/Island Waves” other projects & major grants
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee - Guides emergency training, public outreach & equipment upgrades Re emergency, liaison with ESS, CIVFD Ham Radio Society etc
  • Listener Relations Committee - Guides website content, membership drives, sponsorship, newsletters, etc.

The Board for 2017/18

The Cortes Community Radio’s 2017 AGM ended with the election of a new board of directors.

The new board consists of:

  • President: Roy L Hales
  • Vice President: Barry Glickman
  • Secretary: Rochelle Baker
  • Treasurer: Julia Rendall
  • Member at Large: Leonard Woywitka