Dave Ives is the new fire chief for Cortes Island VFD. Photo courtesy of the Cortes Island Volunteer Fire Department.

David Ives has recently taken on the position of Fire Chief for the Cortes Island Fire Volunteer Department (VFD). He has been working in the firefighting realm for 20 years, and began as a volunteer. Volunteer recruitment and training is at the forefront of his focus, as he settles into his new role. Ives explains, “My drive is to increase the membership exponentially and drive harder and train harder with new recruits so that the island is in even better shape going forward.”

Four firefighters surround a dummy strapped to a spine board.

Cortes Islanders receive hands-on training every Tuesday and Thursday night. Photo courtesy of the Cortes Island Volunteer Fire Department.

The new fire chief brings a qualified background to the task as a formal firefighting training officer. The Cortes Island VFD will offer two training avenues for volunteers; exterior firefighting training based on the BC playbook while the second option is a more professional training that includes internationally recognized seals. The second option will prepare young people that would like to have a future career in firefighting.

Volunteering as a firefighter is only one of the many ways to support the local fire department. There is an AGM on June 30th for the Cortes Fire Fighting Association at Fire Hall #1 in Mansons Landing at 7pm. A zoom link is also provided on their website.

If you would like to volunteer for the Cortes Island VFD, email cortesislandVFD@gmail.com. If you would like to find out about ways to protect your home from a forest fire, or donate to the Cortes Island Volunteer Fire Department, go to cortesfire.org.

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