Beginning in 2022, Cortes Community Radio Station partnered with the Cortes Island Academy to work with local islanders to train 20 students per year on the foundations of journalism, podcast, and live radio. The result? The voices of our future shaped the sounds and minds of CKTZ listeners.


We invite you to listen in….

What are young people listening and talking about these days? Listen in to their music with a little bit of commentary by the CIA high school students on Teen TakeOvers. 


Produced in the very first week of the Tools for Truth Telling Program, these short sound poems were created by students reflecting on their time spent on Cortes Island. In the span of five days, students went from knowing nothing about audio recording and production to creating these truly unique personal observations.


Seren, Sophia, Zella, Verna, Finley, Sophie:


Sonia, Rose, Ro, Rahmon, Samara:


Rowan, Khiana, Igor, Jax, Coralie:


Ben, Alora, Bella:



Ripple Effect is a 5 episode podcast series created, written and produced by the teenaged journalists of the Cortes Island Academy over five weeks in the fall of 2022.



Episode 1 - ‘Cosmic Confidential’
w/ podcasts by Zella, Rose, Khiana and Igor



Episode 2 - ‘The Wild Island’
w/ podcasts by Ro, Finley, Sophie, Seren and Sonia



Episode 3 - ‘Teens as Teachers’
w/ podcasts by Rowan, Alora, Jax, Coralie, Samara and Bella



Episode 4 - ‘Fixing the Curriculum’
w/ podcasts by Ben and Sophia



Episode 5 - ‘Just the Essentials’
w/ podcasts by Aster and Rahmon

The CIA high school students join Manda Aufochs Gillespie in Teen Takeover FOLK U Radio.


A short piece about Cortes Island Academy:



The Cortes Island Academy and Teen Takeover at the Cortes Community Radio Station are made possible by….

 The Community Radio Fund of Canada
The Cortes Island Community Foundation
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
School District 72
Folk University and the people of Cortes Island
Cortes Island Community Radio,  CKTZ 89.5
The Cortes Island Academy and it’s students

Learn more about the Cortes Island Academy at learning outside the box.