Deconstructing the history of logging on Cortes into a metaphor for decolonization, writer/producer Brittany Baxter presents this collage of moments from over the past 150 years, each containing important clues to how our community is transforming in response to our growing desire to belong to each other and to the land.

Episode 10:A Sense Of Belogging

by Brittany Baxter | Deep Roots

“An indigenous people are those who belong to a place; Non indigenous people believe that places belong to them. An honest appraisal says that we non-indigenous folks have little or no sense of long term belonging to this land. We are non ingenious because we do not belong anywhere yet. Belonging has not soaked into our bones … we still set our course by following the empire’s markers.”


Special thank you to the Cortes Island Museum and Archives for the clip of Alan Robertson talking about the early days of logging on Cortes. Thanks also to Dan Pierce (director of Heartwood) for his recordings from the frontlines of the Cortes logging blockades. Huge bunches of roses to Kevin and Georgina for sharing their inspiring love story, to Martha Abelson, and to Sheena Fayowski, Mercedes Grant, Loni Taylor, Travis Pawlak for their voices. Music from John Watts, Axletree, Blue Dot Sessions, Lauki, and Myriadar. ~Brittany