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From CKTZ’s archives: Howie Roman and Rick Bockner interview Dorien Baxter, known to many as “Elvis Priestly,” the Bishop of Beal Street in Memphis,Tennessee. In addition to his duties as an ordained an Anglican Priest, Baxter is known for his rendition of the legendary “King of Rock and Roll”. Anything Goes to Church!

Anything Goes To Church

by Howie Roman & Rick Bockner | Anything Goes

Anything Goes

Howie Roman and Paul the K are old friends, both originally from New York though they met on Cortes almost 50 years ago. For many years they’d get together for dinner and to share music. In 2004 when talk started of starting a radio station they decided to join in. Anything Goes is on CKTZ 89.5 fm on Saturdays from 10:30 am to 1pm and repeated on Thursday nights from 8pm to 10:30 pm.

Anything Goes

by Howie Roman | Mar 31 Program

Blues, Rock n Roll, Gospel, Soul - Whatever Grabs Us

Though primarily a blues show Anything Goes all over the place-blues, rock n roll, gospel, soul..whatever grabs us.

To quote the great Chicago bluesman Willie Dixon,“The blues is the roots and the rest is the fruits”.

Paul the K of Anything Goes

“Paul the K” of Anything Goes

Having A Show

Howie attended the meeting at Manson’s Hall, when the possibility of starting a radio station on Cortes Island was first discussed. Six months after CKTZ was launched, he and Paul became DJs. Howie went on to become a board member for five years and is now the station manager.

However, he explains, “My prime interest in Cortes radio is [that] I really enjoy having a show.”

Howie Roman of ANything Goes

Howie Roman of Anything Goes

Click here to access the interview in which Howie describes the origins of Cortes Community Radio.