Maureen talks with her guest Barb Buffington about her background, current activities and inspirations. Barb has lived full time on Cortes Island for 24 years and her main activity now is baking, a year round activity but much busier during the summer. Barb attends the three Cortes Island markets and delivers to the yacht clubs as well. Hear how many pounds of flour and butter Barb uses each summer – it’s massive

Barb Buffington

by Maureen Bader | Art on The Island

Barb considers baking a creative outlet that she comes by naturally. She talks about how she chose the best products for her markets and the challenges she has transporting her products. Hear about why selling is so much fun and her advice for bakers who work in remote locations.

Besides baking, Barb also sells hand-knotted rugs from Nepal, scarves, handmade paper and knitted silks. Barb explains why these rugs have such brilliant colour and what people do with this unusual paper.

You can see Barb’s products on her website:, or talk to Barb at the Friday market.