In Art on the Island, episode 3, Maureen talks with her guest Loni Taylor about her background, current activities and inspirations. Loni has lived full time on Cortes Island for about two years and has had some rather unique production challenges.

Loni Taylor

by Maureen Bader | Art on the Island

Loni, originally from Colorado, studied visual art at UBC and lived in both Vancouver and Whistler before coming to Cortes Island. Loni kicked off the summer season at the Schoolhouse Gallery with her exhibit, Philautia, which the ancient Greeks define as proper pride or self love, and how that meaning can be misinterpreted. She enjoys working with large format paintings, both in wood and canvas, and for the summer show some of her paintings measured 4x4 feet. These required custom framing, and Loni talks about how she made that happen. Living in a water access only location at the time of her show, Loni was able to get some help shipping most of the paintings to the gallery but one forgotten painting had to be transported by kayak. What an adventure.

In addition to painting, Loni’s passion is for sculpture. She also writes poetry and short stories and this is something she plans to do more of over the winter. Loni also makes jewelry and teaches dance here on the island. Loni preformed during CKTZ’s cabaret this year as well.

You can see Loni’s work on her website: