Maureen talks with guest Laurel Bohart, a Cortes Island taxidermist, about how and why taxidermy is a form of sculptural art.

Laurel’s favourite subject is birds, and she talks about how that interest started when she lived in Nigeria as a child. Listen as Laurel explains the challenges of mounting a hummingbird, starting with making her own tools from toothpicks. Right now, she is mounting a Speckled Rockfish, who knew?

Laurel participated in the Schoolhouse Gallery summer show with a raven she suspended from the ceiling. Laurel explains about the circumpolar importance of the raven in myth, providing the background for the way she displayed the raven during the member show. During the summer, Laurel’s work is displayed in the Wild Cortes exhibit at Linnaea Farm Education Centre. Wild Cortes is the story of water and portrays all the ecosystems on the island.

You can see Laurel’s work now at the Cortes Island Museum, 957 Beasley Road.