Rod Lee, a long-time Cortes Island resident, makes primarily birdhouses from locally sourced Western Red Cedar, and discusses his wide range of products during the show.

Rod Lee

Maureen Bader
Rod Lee - Art on the Island

Rod got involved in creative activities after he retired from the BC lumber industry. Rod is self-taught, but one of his wife’s cousins, Doreen Thompson, made birdhouses, some modeled after Cortes Island buildings. This inspiration helped motivate Rod to create bird houses as a form of habitat, and to find a way to utilize wood that might otherwise go to the burn pile.

Rod talks about the other products he makes, such as bat houses, where he gets his supplies, and where to see his work. Check out Rod’s booth at the Gorge Hall Christmas market on December 1, 2018. He’ll have a full mix of products on display and if you have an idea about a custom project, you can talk to him about it then.

You can contact Rod by phone (he’s in the book).