Tune in to Art on the Island most Fridays between 9-9:30 am to hear Maureen Bader talk live to local artists about their background, inspirations, current projects, and production and marketing challenges. Listen in to Find out how other artists work and how their experience and advice can work for you.

Maureen Bader, host of Art On The Island

Maureen Bader, host of Art on the Island

Maureen Bader is a self-taught artist who has painted for more than 20 years. Maureen paints in a contemporary representational style with a focus on wildlife and west coast themes, using expressive color and a contemplative feel.

For Maureen, painting is a way of communicating her response to the perceptual moment, not simply shapes and colors, but to what draws her to the scene.

 To paint is to communicate emotions. To have my art touch the core of my work’s viewers means I have conveyed an emotion suggesting the human condition, and in doing so have succeeded as an artist.

Maureen currently shows in the Deselm’s Fine Art Gallery in Cheyenne, Wyoming and her painting Jocito is part of the permanent collection of the Old West Museum in Cheyenne. Maureen’s solo show in the Schoolhouse Gallery on Cortes Island was well attended and she has exhibited her paintings across the United States.

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To find out more about Maureen’s art please go to www.maureenbader.com

Maureen has more than 10 years of radio experience, having interviewed hundreds of times in both in Canada and the United States. Maureen spoke weekly with Murray Langdon on CFAX in Victoria, on KGAB in Cheyenne, Wyoming and KVOC in Casper, Wyoming. Maureen says regular communication with listeners is a great way to create awareness of the vast fountain of talent we have here on Cortes Island. Working on an island has its challenges, but the creative spirit allows us to overcome these challenges and by discussing them, we can learn from the experience of others.

Presiding Over The Bay - Maureen Bader

Top illustration credit: Red Sailboat at Anchor by Maureen Bader
Illustration for podcast portal – ArbutusMic by Maureen Bader