A wood artist that transforms deadfall arbutus wood into sculpture will be revealing works next month that have been hidden away from the public eye since their creation. 

Ron Bazar works the forest fodder into kitchen utensils, letter openers and other products that he is known for and sells at the Friday Markets on Cortes Island. But he also has six grades of quality products above the “practical” kitchen and household tools.

Bazar describes his artwork in six levels: “Functional. Deluxe. Ultra. Collector’s. Supreme. And the sixth grade is my stuff, too good to sell, that I am taking out to show.”

A show in the pioneer room at Mansons Hall on Aug. 4-5 will host the wood sculptor’s highest level repertoire. The artist has been collecting the showcased pieces for the past 23 years. Bazar says there’s a uniqueness to each piece of wood he works on.

“Every tree is different, just like every person is different, so when you’re looking at Arbutus wood, there’s a whole range of colors and textures,” he said.

To hear more about Ron Bazar’s journey through the arbutus forests, listen to the CKTZ News Update below: