Tanya Krahn, local chocolatier, has been offering guidance through ceremonies with cacao for locals. Now she is collaborating with established local gatherings like Dance Temple and Kirtan.

Within the ceremony, a circle of participants focuses on an intention, at a collaborative altar, and everyone drinks a cacao beverage. Krahn shares how her journey has evolved since Samhain.

“It’s a beautiful combination… of ceremony and intention and then use the body in a form of celebration through dance…. I’ve also done a cacao in Kirtan evening, which is also very powerful because they combine the mantra, which means to vibrate the mind.”

Krahn will be hosting a ceremony with cacao before the Dance Temple on March 22, marking the Spring Equinox. She noted that significant times in the calendar, like the Equinoxes, are especially effective moments for collective ceremony.

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