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CKTZ Offers Multiple Opportunities For Onstage Performers

Photo from a past Cortes Lip Sync

Ever dream about being a pop star? Are you a better dancer than Michael Jackson? Would you like to sing like Chris Brown, Janis Joplin or the Bee Gees? Singers; dancers; lip sync artists; musicians; Now is your chance! This year CKTZ offers multiple opportunities for onstage performers.

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Economic Development While Preserving Cortes Island’s Core Values

Originally Published on the ECOreport

Cortes Island Business and Tourism Association (CIBATA) was launched, it faced some tough challenges. Some believe Cortes is still stuck in the seventies and many residents would like to preserve that. Yet there is a need for the same business sectors you find everywhere else: retail, health, building and trades, tourism medical marijuana, aquaculture, learning / professional development and social profit. On February 24, CIBATA will be unveiling the draft of Cortes Island’s Local Economic Action Plan at the Klahoose Multipurpose Building, between 10 AM and 4 PM. In this morning’s program the association’s President, Colin Funk, talks about economic development while preserving Cortes’ core values.

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Over 100 hours Of Local Content Weekly

Cortes Island, January 31, 2018 - Cortes Radio reached a significant milestone this month. The station was created to broadcast the concerns, activities and talents of the Northern Gulf Islands to the general public. Our broadcast area stretches from Campbell River and the Discover Islands down to Courtenay, on Vancouver Island, and Lund on the Mainland. According to our license, most of our content is supposed to be produced locally (whether it is a DJ broadcasting his musical choices, local music or a local talk show). Up until now, the station has not been able broadcast the required quota. As of January 2018, CKTZ broadcasts over 100 hours of local content weekly.

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Back Eddy And The Procrastinators Album

Back Eddy & the Procrastinators

Back Eddy and the Procrastinators have a brand new album out for your listening pleasure! Captured live off the floor in the Gorge Hall, recorded and mixed by our dear Hannu Huuskonen and the lovely Jim Thievan from Quadra Island and mastered by the legendary Roger Rivas of the Aggrolites.

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Cortes Radio Broadcasts All Local Programs Twice Weekly

Some of the participants at Cortes Island’s 50 Summers of LoveThough Cortes Radio’s constitution states CKTZ is a platform for the Northern Gulf Islands, the vast majority of our local programming still originates on Cortes Island. We are one of the smallest radio stations in Canada - and expected to comply with regulations designed for community radio stations serving listeners in large cities! To meet our quota for local content, Cortes Community radio needs to effectively double its locally produced programming. Starting in January 2018, Cortes Radio broadcasts all local programs twice weekly. 

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CKTZ’s Reach Extends Beyond Cortes Island

Thirteen years ago a tiny group of enthusiastic Cortes Islanders launched their own pirate radio station, sticking the antenna up a tree. Cortes Community Radio was still the expression of a remote island community, when the station received its license in 2011. Now CKTZ’s reach extends beyond Cortes Island.

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2017 Market Sales & Lipsyncs

The end of Cortes Community Radio’s fall sales season is approaching. How important is this? And What changes have transpired recently? A Q & A with station manager Howie Roman about 2017 Market Sales & Lipsyncs.

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Doug Butt Left Allegro

After six years and a half years of entering our homes every Sunday at 3:00, that distinguished sounding voice that introduced many Cortes Community Radio listeners to classical music is going away. Doug Butt left Allegro.
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New Sponsor Messages On Cortes Community Radio

One of the New Sponsor Messages On Cortes Community Radio comes from Squirrel Cove

Recorded Sponsor Messages

Listeners note, we now have recorded sponsor messages to acknowledge the essential support we receive from local businesses. The brief messages are always preceded by a ships bell, music and sound effects.

Community radio is non-commercial- it has no advertising-.  That’s one reason we listen. But Cortes Radio also relies on listener and sponsor financial support to stay on air. We can get grants for special projects, but we still must raise funds to pay the bills. It’s all done by volunteers folks!

Cortes Radio has several long-term, loyal sponsors who have been sponsoring individual shows. These are acknowledged by the DJ on air, and that will continue. But our new sponsorship program invites businesses to sponsor not just a show, but the station. All current sponsors now will receive a unique acknowledgement message played at least twice a week during daytime hours. It’s not advertising: it’s a grateful thanks from all of us at Cortes Radio!


CKTZ Signs MOU With Strathcona Regional District

Cortes Island, August 29, 2017 - Cortes Community Radio CKTZ signs MOU with Strathcona Regional District, stating its willingness to provide temporary usage of the station during  emergencies.

“This memorandum of understanding is a significant milestone in our relationship with the Strathcona Regional District (SRD), and is fully aligned with the purposes laid down by Cortes Community Radio’s founders. Article 2.g of our constitution  states that one of the station’s purposes is “to establish an ongoing community radio station that can broadcast important information to the community in cooperation with emergency services,” said Roy L Hales, President of Cortes Community Radio.

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