Your CKTZ News team currently has three members. Feel free to reach out to any of them by email with your story ideas. We welcome your input!

Louis Belcourt        Greg Osoba        Loni Taylor

CKTZ News Articles

The CKTZ News team is funded by the federal government under a Heritage Canada program: The Local Journalism Initiative. It’s aimed at providing a voice to smaller communities across the country via community and student radio stations, amidst greater media ownership by corporations and the proliferation of social media. All stories are vetted by a senior national editor, with decades of journalistic experience, who demands that reporters always perform their duties to the highest ethical standards.

The CKTZ News team adheres to the highest standards of journalistic integrity:

                1. Fact based reporting
                2. Seeking out diverse views on specific issues of interest to Cortes Islanders
                3. Balanced reporting
                4. Differentiating between News, Opinion, Advocacy

Funding provided through the Local Journalism Initiative