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2017 Market Sales & Lipsyncs

The end of Cortes Community Radio’s fall sales season is approaching. How important is this? And What changes have transpired recently? A Q & A with station manager Howie Roman about 2017 Market Sales & Lipsyncs.

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Doug Butt Left Allegro

Dress rehearsal for Handel's Messiah by the Hobart Baroque Chorus - by Stefan Karpiniec via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)


After six years and a half years of entering our homes every Sunday at 3:00, that distinguished sounding voice that introduced many CKTZ listeners to classical music is going away. Doug Butt left Allegro.
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New Sponsor Messages On Cortes Community Radio

One of the New Sponsor Messages On Cortes Community Radio comes from Squirrel Cove

Recorded Sponsor Messages

Listeners note, we now have recorded sponsor messages to acknowledge the essential support we receive from local businesses. The brief messages are always preceded by a ships bell, music and sound effects.

Community radio is non-commercial- it has no advertising-.  That’s one reason we listen. But Cortes Radio also relies on listener and sponsor financial support to stay on air. We can get grants for special projects, but we still must raise funds to pay the bills. It’s all done by volunteers folks!

Cortes Radio has several long-term, loyal sponsors who have been sponsoring individual shows. These are acknowledged by the DJ on air, and that will continue. But our new sponsorship program invites businesses to sponsor not just a show, but the station. All current sponsors now will receive a unique acknowledgement message played at least twice a week during daytime hours. It’s not advertising: it’s a grateful thanks from all of us at Cortes Radio!

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CKTZ Signs MOU With Strathcona Regional District

BC Ferry Arriving Heriot Bay by David Stanley via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)

Cortes Island, August 29, 2017 - Cortes Community Radio CKTZ signs MOU with Strathcona Regional District, stating its willingness to provide temporary usage of the station during  emergencies.

“This memorial of understanding is a significant milestone in our relationship with the Strathcona Regional District (SRD), and is fully aligned with the purposes laid down by Cortes Community Radio’s founders. Article 2.g of our constitution  states that one of the station’s purposes is “to establish an ongoing community radio station that can broadcast important information to the community in cooperation with emergency services,” said Roy L Hales, President of Cortes Community Radio.

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Summer Lip Syncs

Summer Lip Sync

Cortes Island : July 29, 2017 - Cortes Community Radio is holdings Summer Lip Syncs this year. The first will be on Cortes Island, August 12, and then there will be another Lip Sync on Quadra Island August 19.

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2016/17 Was A Breakthrough Year

Cortes Community Radio SIgn

2016/17 Was A Breakthrough Year

Cortes Island - Cortes Community Radio’s 2017 AGM was held at the station, in Mansons Landing, B.C., on Sunday, June 11, 2017.

The key message was delivered by outgoing President Sheryl Thompson, who said 2016/17 was a breakthrough year.

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Deep Roots – March Update

Deep Roots – March Update

Deep Roots Stories To Be Aired

The shows will start being aired at 9:00am on Thursdays, with the first one on March 16th. They will be repeated on Saturdays at 2:00pm. Each week a new program will be featured.

In addition to the Deep Roots staff introduced in these pages, Cortes Radio would like to thank the volunteers and story producers who made this initiative happen:


Deep Roots Initiative – News

Introducing the Deep Roots Initiative Logo!

This rectangular Coast Salish design depicts two Coast Salish guardian spirit dancers singing the song of their power. The subtle circle between them is a drum with Salish sound waves emanating from it. In contemporary Canadian visual culture, crescents are utilized to symbolize sound waves. This is a cultural commonality that Coast Salish and Canadian cultures have in common. In Coast Salish art, crescents are used to create a real rhythmic rippling, a real fluid flowing feeling.


Artist: LessLIE Sam, Coast Salish

Visit the Alcheringa Gallery website for more information on the artist.


Greg and Rob continue to mentor and support story producers’ progress – with draft scripts all submitted, and with insightful reviews thereof. Our story writers have been given training in interviewing techniques, recording equipment and guidance in First Nations protocol. Some of the most interesting moments so far were the training sessions on critical listening skills offered by CBC veteran Rob Selmanovic.


Initially conceived as a youth [ages 16-30] project; we found ourselves with high calibre skill sets; and years of experience with writers ranging in age from 15 to 70. We have a well rounded set of writers representing Aboriginal youth, local elders, radio writers, aspiring journalists and environmentalists including:

trainees-webTARA WARKENTIN

THE STEERING COMMITTEE:foci_circle-logo-1

Our volunteer board includes representatives from each partner in this project: Kate Maddigan and Max Thaysen [Friends of Cortes Island -FOCI], David Rousseau and Sheryl Thompson,President [Cortes Community Radio Society], Jacqueline Mathieu [Klahoose First Nation] Advisors to steering committee: Shannon Johannsen, Educator and Odette Auger, Grantwriter.


Jacqueline Mathieu organized a Meet and Greet Tea at Klahoose; October 26 where story producers met with Klahoose community members and began a process of learning from traditional knowledge and local wisdom. Connections were made, elders suggested, and Jacqueline continues her work of connecting and facilitating this essential community building.

More than just a historical backgrounder; Deep Roots Initiative seeks to problem solve current issues by reconnecting/building upon foundations of Salish culture. With Jacqueline’s coordination, Salish voices and experience will be a valued resource in the writing of our stories for Deep Roots radio.


One result of Deep Roots is the creative partnership with the Cortes Museum. Vintage Vignettes are a side project spinoff of Deep Roots. This project brings to light history and anecdotes from the early days of European settler life on Cortes, incorporating several volunteer voice actors from Cortes and Quadra.


We are exploring merchandise sales; with our eloquent and visually stunning logo, the image Salish Soundwaves, by Salish artist LessLIE Sam. Keep an eye out on our market tables! As well, we are working closely with CKTZ fundraising endeavours - with opportunities to sponsor shows, including the Deep Roots initiative. Please contact or visit for full details on sponsorship programs.

Cortes Radio and Partners are grateful to the Community Radio Fund of Canada, the Victoria Foundation and Tides Canada for their financial support for Deep Roots.


The Deep Roots Initiative – Update

Cortes Radio, in collaboration with Klahoose First Nation and Friends of Cortes Island, is proud to announce progress on our 2016-17 Deep Roots spoken word initiative. Deep Roots seeks solutions to current environmental issues, and preserves traditional First Nations life skills and knowledge of our ecosystems.  The locally written and produced programs are chosen with the goal of informing, questioning, and challenging our preconceived ideas. As well as building local broadcasting capacities.

Deep Roots has several elements:

  • Storytelling for radio
  • Offering challenging views on contemporary issues
  • Training new story writers/producers
  • Building creative liaisons between partners and other organizations
  • Linking current stories with traditional knowledge and legend.

Our training program!  We opened the doors to new talent and have been nearly overwhelmed with the response. Our 16 trainees are aged 15 to 73 years. We have held 4 training workshops this year introducing new writers/producers to:

  • What makes great radio
  • Research and scriptwriting for radio
  • Interviewing skills
  • First Nations Protocol
  • Field recording and production basics.

Our trainer has 20 years experience at CBC Radio 1 as a producer, audio engineer and trainer!

rob-trainerSome of the stories that are underway:

  • Love on the Front Lines- deep relationships that have formed between a First Nation person and a non-native around a very public collaboration: the Cortes Ecoforestry General Partnership.
  • How We Learn- a look at how young people get an education in a remote community.
  • Finding Gilean- A quest for the spirit of Gilean Douglas.
  • Brother Wolf-  The many faces of wolf, from European fairytale through First Nation dance and legends.
  • Ethnobotany-  The role of native plants in traditional food and healing.
  • Cedar-  The role of cedar in West Coast culture.
  • Where Have all the Salmon Gone?-  An exploration of the role of salmon in traditional culture and the fate of salmon since the advent of industrial society.
  • The Forest as Organism-  A look at the forest from a very high level,  seeing forest as a whole intelligent organism, much more than the sum of its parts.
  • Finding Home-  A look at traditions, attitudes and modern laws around land use and ownership. Seen through the eyes of a would-be contemporary settler.
  • Clam Harvest-  Traditional seafood harvesting, clam gardens and modern shellfish farming.
  • Owl Wisdom – A collision and death at dawn on New Year’s Day, uncovers the meaning of life.

Keep listening for Deep Roots broadcasts this fall, including podcasts on our website.


Cortes Radio and Partners are grateful to the Community Radio Fund of Canada, the Victoria Foundation and Tides Canada for their financial support for Deep Roots.