Ever dream about being a pop star? Are you a better dancer than Michael Jackson? Would you like to sing like Chris Brown, Janis Joplin or the Bee Gees? Singers; dancers; lip sync artists; musicians; Now is your chance! This year CKTZ offers multiple opportunities for onstage performers.

Opportunities For Onstage Performers

We’ve put together twenty shows over the past decade and are still selling out the Manson’s Hall. (On August 18, we will once again be partnering with Quadra Theatre for Quadra’s Third Annual Lip Sync!) 

CKTZ is partnering with Theatre Quadra for the third to bring Lip Syncs to Quadra Island!)

This year’s Cortes Winter Lip Sync is on Saturday, February 24th, 2018. (Summer Lip Sync is August 25th.) Performers: your public is waiting, it is time to start developing the acts you will unveil this year. 

There will be a rehearsal at the hall on Feb 23, 4-6pm.

Twenty-one acts performed at last year’s Cabaret. The event was sold out long before the doors opened. It was so successful that CKTZ decided to hold the Spring 2018 Cabaret for two consecutive nights. Performances will be held at Manson’s Hall on Friday, April 13th & Saturday, 14th.

We ask that acts perform in both shows, so that we can keep technical nightmares under control.

There will be separate rehearsals for musicians and lip sync acts. Keep in touch, so we can keep you informed. 

Please Let Us Know

Please let us know if you are planning an act. (I’ll sleep better)


Contact Howie at 935-6405, or cortesradio@gmail.com.

Dancers in the 2016 Cortes-Quadra Lip Sync