CKTZ replaced the old antenna
All photos taken during the original inspection of our tower.

Cortes Radio replaced the old antenna on top of its’ broadcasting tower on October 9, 2019. We had no choice in the matter. Our old antenna was no longer functioning and we could no longer broadcast over 89.5 FM. However compliments about the sudden clarity of our signal been flowing in ever since the new antenna was installed. 

We have new listeners in Comox, who were not previously able to receive our signal.

Our techie, Sean, reports that the signal is 50% to 60% stronger in Mansons Landing. 

I live in Squirrel Cove, where most residents have not been able to receive Cortes Raadio. Sean told me that my house might be an exception because we are also on a hill and the signal is bouncing back from West Redonda Island. I was visiting family in the Lower Fraser Valley when the new antenna was installed. Returning last night, we were delighted to find CKTZ broadcasting with far greater clarity than before. (It is not even affected when I turn my computer on!) 

Nick Gagnon spent almost six hours at the top of our tower on Thunder Road to install the new antenna. John Murvin assisted him, packing heavy boxes up and down the hill.

The repair was made possible through a combination of Gaming Grant Funds and contributions from local listeners. (Thanks again to the Above The Tide Motel, in Campbell River, for its generous donation of $500.)