Cortes Radio’s 2019 AGM was held at Mansons Hall on June 2, 2019. 


Rick Bockner was the MC and there were presentations by: 

  • Roy L Hales (President’s message)
  • Howie Roman (Station Manager’s report)
  • Julia Rendall (Financial Report)
  • Sean (for Barry Glickman, who could not be present to report on the status of emergency communications)
  • Morgan Tams (speaking on behalf of the Projects Committee & Island Waves) 

Sean & Catriona performed during the intermission

Highlights of The Previous Year:

  • For the past two years, we have managed to pay our station manager and techie the equivalent of about one day a week. They contribute much more than that, but that is what we can pay them. 
  • For the past 18 months we have met our licensing requirement of broadcasting 100 hours of locally produced programming every week.
  • 99.5% of that is produced by volunteers, who pour their talents into a variety of music programs, documentaries and dramatic presentations.  
  • Deep Roots Island Waves, which is primarily funded by Radiometres but also has other sponsors and donors produced 20 episodes, 250 minutes (4 hours, 10 minutes) of professional calibre edited radio spoken word programming. 
  • CKTZ has consistently shown that, providing the internet stays up, the station can continue broadcasting for 10 to 14 hours after the grid goes down. 
  • CKTZ’s market sales were not that good last term (Most Cortes Islanders already have enough solar lanterns and t-shirts). We need to try out new enterprises in the year to come.

Election of the new Board

There were eight candidates, which prompted an election overseen by Andy Ellingsen & Howie Roman. The elected Board members were: 

  1. Philip Allen
  2. James Foster
  3. Barry Glickman (returning)
  4. Roy L Hales (returning)
  5. Doug Hamel
  6. Norleen Lillico
  7. Leonard Woywitka (returning)