Cortes Island (August 1, 2017) – Cortes Community Radio, 89.5 FM, is pleased to announce that the Community Radio Fund of Canada awarded the station $50,000 for the continuation and expansion of “The Deep Roots Initiative”.

These funds were made available through the Radiometres program.

This year’s project will invite producers to bring in stories similar to those done under Deep Roots last year, i.e. contemporary environmental issues informed by traditional knowledge and legend. However these stories will be “snapshot” segments rather than full length narratives. Two or more brief stories on a related topic will build the more complete images we wish to convey. A specific liaison position has been created with Klahoose FN to air stories originating in traditional culture and contemporary issues. 

“The Deep Roots initiative enables local producers to work under the tutelage of veteran broadcasters, with decades of collective experience with some of our nation’s top radio stations. They are also brought into close contact with Klahoose FN elders. This experience will enable CKTZ’s producers to hone their skills to a degree that would not have been possible, were it not for the generosity of the CRFC,” says Roy L Hales, President, Cortes Community Radio.

The CRFC is a national not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to build and improve the campus and community radio sector for all Canadians. Through the Radiometres program, which is currently the cornerstone of their funding, the CRFC just announced that they will invest close to 1.5 million dollars in our sector in order to enrich local programming as well as to promote volunteerism and community participation.

Within five years, the Radiometres program enabled the CRFC to invest 10.5 million dollars in the campus and community radio sector. It is an impressive number of 123 stations that have initiated more than 300 projects. “Funded initiatives, such as the project proposed by CKTZ 89.5-FM, are necessary in order to make community radio a true local media, a radio that interacts with people in their neighbourhood,” says the President of the CRFC, Roger Ouellette.

For more information about The Deep Roots Initiative, please visit station website to listen to last year’s stories as podcasts: 

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