On Monday October 21st, Canadians will head to the polls in what some believe may be one of the most important elections of our time. Though Conservative candidate Shelley Downey declined the invitation, our incumbent MP Rachel Blaney (NDP), Green candidate Mark De Bruijn and Liberal candidate Peter Schwarzhoff came to the first ever Cortes All Candidates Meeting in Mansons Hall, on Saturday October 12.

Kudos to all participants for the mature level of discussion, unlike anything seen in the national debates during this election.

Full audio of the debate, moderated by De Clarke and recorded by Cortes Radio, below.

Poster for Cortes All Candidates Meeting
Cortes Island All Candidates Meeting

Some Of The Topics Discussed

  • How will your party address climate change?
  • What is your party’s position on the Trans Mountain pipeline?
  • Should racial, social justice and climate change issues be treated separately?
  • What are your thoughts on Canada’s New Green Deal? And the idea of a youth corps that would free post secondary education in return for their services?
  • Considering its human rights record, should Canada continue to trade with Saudi Arabia?
  • What should we do about climate refugees?
  • Does your party support measures to make the senate more fair for British Columbia?
  • How does your party resolve the tension between giving MPs freedom to express their constituents and party discipline?
  • What is your party’s position on a woman’s rights over her reproductive process?

The second half of the podcast above consists of a Q & A with the audience.

The event was sponsored by the Southern Cortes Community Association & Whaletown Community Club.

Top photograph: Candidates at Cortes Island’s First All Candidates Meeting(l to r) Mark De Burgh, Green Party; Rachel Blaney, NDP; Peter Schwarzhoff, Liberal Party