Max Thaysen, a local environmentalist, was recently elected to the Executive Committee of the North Island NDP Electoral District Association in July. This was a decision he made after spending the past ten years “hiding in my cabin fretting” about climate change. 

“I think our democracy muscles have atrophied … we’ve lost the skills to participate,” he said. “We’ve lost the drive to participate.”

Thaysen was also appointed alternate regional director for Cortes Island Electoral Area B for the Strathcona Regional District in the last year.

Regional Director Mark Vonesch appointed Thaysen after Vonesch won during last fall’s election through acclamation.

Thaysen explaineded why Vonesch appointed him.

“Mark has publicly said that he chose me because he likes my ability to speak to a diverse audience and hear different perspectives and find common ground with a… range of different people and also because of my understanding of and passion around climate change,” he said.

Thaysen encourages passionate people to get involved, noting that there is a lot of room at the table.

“The door, once I found the door was open. And once the door was open, there was empty seats everywhere. And when I said, hey, I could sit in one of those seats, people would be like, that’s awesome! We’re so glad you’re here!”

Thaysen emphasized the important work of slowing climate change.

“We need more people from the silent majority who believe mainstream science and scientists on these things to speak up,” he said.

To hear more about Thaysen’s experience with regional politics, listen to the CKTZ News Update below: