The Gorge Harbor Marina Resort on Cortes Island. Photo courtesy of Gorge Harbor Marina Resort.

In 2021, the Klahoose First Nation on Cortes Island purchased the popular Gorge Harbor Marina Resort. It attracts boaters from the Pacific Northwest providing docking facilities, a general store, an RV/campground, a hot tub and a restaurant. Along with tourists, locals flock to the site for yoga classes, massages and free music most evenings during summer months.

Longtime managers Bill Dougan and Tammy Allwork were to see the new ownership and management team through training until this August. However, they recently, and unexpectedly, submitted their resignations effective immediately and posted a public notice on

A paved pathway leads to a dock on a rural BC island.

The pathway leading to the dock at Cortes Island’s Gorge Harbor Marina Resort. Photo courtesy of the Gorge Harbor Marina Resort.

New General Manager Heather Reimer says it’s business as usual as she copes with assuming the reigns sooner than expected. She brings 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry to her new job, but admits there is plenty to learn and hints at further development possibilities.

Reimer updates CKTZ News on the situation in an interview below.


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