On March 24, 2020, Regional Director Noba Anderson started a series of Cortes Island ZOOM conferences that have continued down to the present. The first three sessions were with key businesses and non- profits, but on April 1 Director Anderson opened these meetings up to anyone on Cortes Island.  

Tuesday June 9 Zoom Conference

At the June 9th Cortes virtual Community meeting, Regional Director Noba Anderson and four guests talked about all things fire:

  • Jessica Duncan, Wildfire Prevention Officer with the BC Wildfire Service, 
  • Jeffrey Belcher, from the Sunshine Coast Fire Zone (which includes Cortes Island),
  • CarrieSaxifrage President of the Cortes Community Forest Cooperative
  • Shaun Koopman, who is celebrating his four year anniversary as the SRD’s Protective Services Coordinator

Tuesday May 26 ZOOM Conference

Regional Director Noba Anderson interviews Adam McKenty and Loni Taylor from the Cortes Community Economic Development Association.

May 19 Zoom Conference

In the May 19, 2020, ZOOM conference Desta Beattie of Cortes Island Family Support and Manda Aufochs Gillespie of Folk U explained what they do and what their Grant in Aid applications were for.

Written Report of this meeting: https://cortescurrents.ca/may-19-virtual-community-meeting-family-support-folk-u/

May 12 Zoom Conference

Written report of this Meeting - coming to the Cortes Currents website soon.

Subjects Covered in the podcast above:

  • Rex Weyler talks about Overshoot and gives a list of influential books.
  • Max Thaysen, President of FOCI, talks about FOCI and the five components of their new proposal: Decolonization, conservation, stewardship, wild food, and eco-youth.

Written Report of this meeting - https://cortescurrents.ca/may-12th-cortes-virtual-meeting-focis-larger-picture-vision/

May 6 Zoom Conference

Written report of this meeting - https://cortescurrents.ca/developing-cortes-island-food-security/

Subjects Covered:

  • No known cases of COVID on Cortes
  • Cortes Island non-profits and the upcoming Grant in Aid process
  • Hopes for a 2020 tourist season.
  • More about the Cortes Investment Co-op; growing food in shipping containers; Cortes Island’s food coupons & proposed currency.
  • Tamara McPhail from Linnaea Farm & Loni Taylor from CCEDA talk about food storage and security, the Linnaea Farm Food Security Guild, community gardens, other offerings

April 28 Zoom Conference

Subjects Covered

The Podcasts that follow were compiled from Cortes Radio broadcasts, ZOOM audio clips and my own recordings of these sessions.

  • conversation with Ragina from the Regional Tenancy Branch about vacation rentals & other rental issues. 
  • Reports on the community wellness meeting, upcoming grant-in-aid, Cortes Island Foundation Meeting
  • Cortes Island Family Support update 
  • Cortes Connects email system
  • Good things that have come out of COVID.

Written report of this meeting - https://cortescurrents.ca/fifth-cortes-virtual-community-meeting/

April 21 Zoom Conference

Subjects Covered

  • Mansons Friday Market may open May 1
  • Food security & delivery
  • first systems navigation - tourism
  • vacation rentals (audio of conversation with Sarah from the Regional Tenancy Branch played).
  • volunteer & employment opportunities 
  • personal well being, medical testing update

Written report of this meeting - https://cortescurrents.ca/the-fourth-cortes-virtual-conference/

April 14 Zoom Conference

Subjects Covered

  • community wide testing
  • systems navigations for people & businesses
  • grocery deliveries
  • Needs & Offers platform under development
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Social well being 

Written Report of this meeting - https://cortescurrents.ca/the-third-virtual-cortes-community-conference/

April 7 Zoom Conference

Subjects Covered

  • Applications for Provincial funding 
  • Food delivery - SCCA/Food Bank
  • A survey & reports (Cortes currency, island investment co-op etc) from Cortes Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA), 
  • Local food growing & distribution 
  • Reports from Health Care, Mental Health, Children * Family initiatives 

Written Report of this meeting - https://cortescurrents.ca/cortes-islands-second-virtual-town-hall-meeting/

March 31 Zoom Conference

Subjects covered

  • Off Island Trips
  • Cortes Island Food Bank/SCCA
  • Updates from the Gorge Harbour Store, Cortes Market, Squirrel Cove Store, Hollyhock, 
  • Resources for Family, Youth & Children
  • Cortes Health Care Providers

Written reports of this Meeting

Written Reports Of Earlier ZOOM Conferences

The first three meetings largely consisted of situation updates from Cortes health care providers, stores and organizations.

March 29 - https://cortescurrents.ca/collective-response-to-covid-19/

March 27 - https://cortescurrents.ca/second-cortes-community-covid-19-response-conference/

March 24 - https://cortescurrents.ca/can-cortes-self-isolate/