Cortes Radio may be going through a period of contention for the the next year or so, and none of it is of our making. By now you are probably all aware of the allegations that fourteen Cortes residents filed in the Supreme Court of British Columbia with the intention of removing Regional Director Noba Anderson from office. Cortes Radio is one of eight organizations they accuse of bribing Director Anderson through a GoFundMe campaign set up on March 13, 2018 and allegedly received kickbacks through the Strathcona Regional District’s Grant in Aid Program. Our innocence is beyond dispute.

Cortes Radio has not applied for or received a Grant in Aid since 2017. You can verify this by searching the minutes of the Strathcona Regional District Board at Type “Cortes Radio” in the search engine. The most recent entry is a Grant in Aid from April 27, 2017, more than two months before I became the President. The GoFundMe page in question was set up after Bernie Anderson’s cabin burned down. One of our Directors, and a couple of our DJs, donated $50, $75 and $100, respectively,  to the victims of a fire.

I can offer no explanation for the petitioners unprovoked attack on Cortes Radio, or most of the other organizations they defamed, aside from the thought we do not appear to be the principle target.

The reverberations of this erroneous and irresponsible legal petition are still ongoing and will most likely continue until this lawsuit is over.

I should add that, speaking as one of CKTZ’s few volunteer producers, I am investigating this matter. My conclusions are my own, not statements from the Cortes Radio Society, and are broadcast over my radio program (the ECOreport). You can access podcasts on my website,  and they are republished at

Roy L Hales
President, Cortes Radio Society