According to Google Search Console, Cortes had 24,600 search impressions on the web during January, 2020. CKTZ was on the first page results of 60 Goggle searches. The top performing pages were Cortes Cortes (409 clicks)  and a Cortes Current’s episode called “Paul Stamet’s Anti-dote  For Colony Collapse Disorder” (43 clicks).

Our website’s Goggle Analytics program states that 10,704 people visited Cortes during the past twelve months. 2,603 of these were “returning visitors.” 

There were 1,096 “active users” on our website during January, 2020. This number resembles that of the 1,036 members of the Cortes Community Radio Facebook Page.

No numbers are available for our FM Radio listening audience, which largely appeals to a different demographic. Cortes Radio’s broadcast area stretches down to Powell River and Comox. There may be more listeners in Campbell River and Quadra than on Cortes Island. 

In addition, Cortes Radio also has a high definition VosCast channel, not available through our website or on FM radio, which attracts some European listeners.

Google Analytics states that during the last 12 months, the top three origin sites for our web visitors were: Campbell River (which probably includes Cortes & Quadra Islands), Vancouver and Courtenay.

Approximately 5,000 people are believed to listen to CKTZ, over their radio or through the web.