Well it’s official. Cortes Radio’s Cabaret Fundraiser is well on its way to becoming an island institution, as are many of the standout performers in the show.

Two Sold-Out-Nights

Residents turned out in force in force to support CKTZ, attending the two-night sold-out show – a saucy, ribald production held at Manson’s Hall.

The adult entertainment featured songs, monologues, stand-up, lip sync, puppetry and burlesque infused with “appropriately inappropriate” sex positive humour.

CKTZ station manger and show producer Howie Roman was blown away by the support and commitment from CKTZ supporters, performers and volunteers. 

Unique Reflection Of Cortes Community

The event was a special and unique reflection of the Cortes community, Howie said.

“We really have something going that I don’t think you’d find in many places,” he added.

“Thank you all for a historic weekend.”




Thank-you Everyone

CKTZ wants to give an official and heartfelt shout-out to all the sponsors, entertainers, volunteers and supporters that made the Cortes Radio Cabaret such a success. We hope everybody is named, but there are so many generous souls. Please forgive us and inform us if you were forgotten, or your name is misspelled. We will make it right.

Sponsors and Supporters:

  • Quadra Island’s Tru Value Foods, and by extension, the store’s thoughtful shoppers, who generously bequeath their spirit points to us.
  • The Southern Cortes Community Association (SCCA)
  • Gorge Marina
  • Spinnaker’s Gastro Brew Pub and Guesthouses in Victoria


Cast and crew:

MCs – Rick Bockner, George Sirk

Sound – Sean Cowell, Scotty Martin

Lights – Hannu Huuskonen

Green room: Lella Gmeiner

Producer: Howie Roman

Performers: Jason Thompson, Bobbi Thompson, Namchi Bazaar, Meinsje Vlaming, Doug Hamil, Brian Hayden, Loni Taylor, Jenny Magenta, Kim Paulley, Aaron Elingsen, Leonard Woywitka, Jason Andrews, Susana Vijaya, Lyle Brulhart, Garden Stein, Elisabeth Jaeger, Jeramie Peacok, Mary Lavelle, Clio FM, and Haley Newll.

Volunteers: Rose Fitcyk, Toby Roman, Victor Van Buskirk, Lella Gmeiner, Johann Wieghardt, Julia Rendall, Rochelle Baker, Gillian Fast, Maureen Bader, Kate Maddigan, Norleen Lillico, Paul the K, Andreas, Catriona, and Sandy and Craig.