Cortes Community Radio Society had its first ZOOM AGM on Sunday, July 12, 2020. There were 14 attendees.

Cortes Radio has been on the air, 24 hours a day (aside from technical challenges), for the past 16 years. 

24 Volunteer Produced Programs

We currently have 24 volunteer produced programs, without which there would be no reason for Cortes Radio to exist. 

  1. Allegro, 
  2. Anything Goes
  3. Cake Mix
  4. Darwin
  5. Eclectic Selection
  6. End of the Road Show
  7. Folk U
  8. Free Range Radio
  9. Friday Lunchtime Locomotion
  10. From the Muses Garden
  11. Gia Grooves
  12. Girl Crush
  13. Jim, Nadya & Friends 
  14. Misty Morning Hop
  15. Mixtapes
  16. Pachamama Pranayama
  17. Phil Bell
  18. Phil’s Pick n Mix
  19. Ragamuffin Parade
  20. Scotty Dog’s Rock n Roll
  21. Stone Soup
  22. Take me to the Casbah
  23. The Shim Sham Show
  24. Vinho do Porto

Thank-you very much.

Other Achievements

Cortes Radio has also been receiving a grant to produce documentaries every year since 2014 and have currently broadcasting a new story for our radio news magazine (Cortes Currents) every week since February 1, 2020.

  • For the past four years, Cortes Radio has managed to pay Sean for 10 hours a week throughout the year. 
  • We were able to do the same thing for Howie for the last 3 years.
  • Cortes Radio has successfully broadcast the amount of locally produced programming required under our license, since January 2018. 

Coming Soon: A New Generation

Barry Glickman & Leonard Woywika both served 4 years and retired from the Board as of  our July 12, 2020, AGM. 

Our constitution limits service on the board to 5 years, which means this next year will be our President’s last term, and we hope to find his replacement before the next AGM.

Someone once described the inner workings of Cortes Radio as the Sean, Howie & Roy show. Roy is probably the easiest member of this trio to replace, you just need someone willing to be the president, but at one point we could probably have gone about a month without Howie and a week without Sean.

Sean is still pretty indispensable, but recent events suggest the next generation of Cortes Radio personal will do great.

I am really impressed with all the fund raising Bryan McKinnon and Paul the K have been carrying out, as well as Cortes Radio Virtual Variety night that Jason, Bobbie-Jean and Norleen have been putting together. 

Board of the Cortes Community Radio Society

As of our July 21 Meeting, the Cortes Community Radio Society’s Board Consists of: 

  1. Roy L Hales, President
  2. Bryan McKinnon, Vice President
  3. James Foster, Secretary
  4. Phil Allen, Treasurer
  5. Rochelle Baker, Member at large
  6. Doug Hamel, Member at large
  7. Norleen Lillico, Member at large

Top photo credit: Microphone by SparkCBC via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)