February 12, 2024
The Tourism Plan for Cortes Island has completed most of its community feedback stage.

The Cortes Community Economic Development Association (CCEDA), in collaboration with Destination BC, held their last engagement meeting on Jan. 31, before releasing a final survey to create a Tourism Plan for Cortes Island. The survey is open until Feb. 11 which is noted as the “last chance” to provide input. The plan aims to be completed by late winter/early spring this year.

Lesley Anderson, with company Tourism Cafe, was hired to produce the plan. Anderson shared their findings with residents at the Zoom meeting on Wednesday.

“We’ve got lots of people coming onto the island, but then getting them paying for things to generate economic benefit to the island as there’s some limitations there.”

The CCEDA encourages residents to reach out with questions or comments to kate@cceda.ca.

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