Cortes Radio international news update for Monday, April 27: While the numbers of confirmed COVID cases within North America continues to rise, there is good news from overseas. 

In Wuhan, China, where the pandemic began, there are no coronavirus patients in the hospitals anymore. 

The reports of new cases in Western Europe peaked at the end of March and is dropping everywhere. In Italy, the high point was March 21, in Germany - March 28, in France - March 31.

This morning’s New York Times suggests Europe may be doing better than the United States because of its strong response to the virus. “Germany, for example, has done much more testing per capita than the United States — and been able to contain its spread as a result. Italy suffered a horrific outbreak but then implemented a tougher version of social distancing for its residents.”

Top photo credit: taken from New York Times morning briefing, Monday April 27, 2020.