In this episode of Art on the Island, Maureen Bader interviews poet and graphic artist Dancing Wolf. Wolf has been coming to Cortes Island for more than 20 years and settled here in 2014. 

Maureen Bader
Dancing Wolf on Art on the Island

Wolf has just started calling himself an artist recently, but hosted a radio show in Victoria for nine years starting in 1995, and at that time did community dances. It was at this time he started creating sacred spaces and posters. Listen as Wolf describes how he found his muse. 

Creatively United For The Planet Festival 2012

Wolf didn’t study art formally and is self-taught. He now has a radio show on CKTZ, From the Muses Garden, that you can listen to on Mondays between 5-7 pm. His current show is an evolution from his Planet Folk show in the 1990s, and he describes this evolution during the interview. He talks about how he brings music and poetry together. 

Wolf describes himself as a beauty bringer, saying this is his mission. On his radio show, he delves into the spiritual but also the darkness that surrounds us. The show’s format allows him to share his experiences and the experiences of others. 

Fifty Summers of Love

He is currently planning for Love Fest here on Cortes Island so stay tuned for more information on this event. This event allows for co-creation, an opportunity he is very excited about. 

Event production is an activity Wolf is engaged in now and you can find out more about that on Tideline ( under Art of the Heart. 

You can see Wolf’s graphic design on his website, and be sure to listen to the radio show on CKTZ, 89.5 FM on Mondays between 5-7 or stream live at And just like Art on the Island, you can listen to From the Muses Garden in a podcast, also on