Deep Roots Initiative

Deep Roots Steering Committee leader David Rousseau, Volunteer and Fundraising co-ordinator Odette Auger, Senior Producer Greg Osaba and Klahoose Co-ordinator Jacqueline Mathieu are interviewed on the ECOreports  Jan 10 broadcast (rebroadcast Feb 21). See Campbell River Mirror article derived from the podcast above


The Deep Roots Initiative will build upon a strong foundation of CKTZ’s successful Legends series over the past year, and our long running Coast Salish language program.  Cortes has a remarkable reservoir of cultural knowledge, environmental science and practical expertise, all with deep roots in volunteerism, and local responsibility.  The Initiative will provide the vehicle for putting those resources to work in the community, through the radio.

The Project

The Deep Roots Initiative will develop local and regionally based community radio programming on topics such as local First Nations culture, island history, and environmental issues. Most environmental issues are global in nature, but have local faces with unique perspectives, strategies and actions. These can be effectively intertwined with our present day needs and challenges, transformed by traditional knowledge.

From The Muses Garden-1

From The  Muse’s Garden with Dancing Wolf: Mondays 5 - 6 PM; Repeats Thu 12 - 1 PM (SCROLL DOWN FOR PODCASTS) Long have I had a Dream of combining Poetry and Music into a radio show and now sure seems like the time. Please tune in...


Jonesy’s passion for mixtapes harkens back to the cassette era. She loved compiling collections for friends, or having them introduce her to a new artist. Jonesy never dreamed of playing mixtapes over the radio until coming to Cortes Island. OCT 21, 2021 Oct 7, 2021...

Hands-on learning welcomes Nature As Teacher

Cortes Island School just started its new twice weekly program called Nature As Teacher, providing unique experiential learning to the students, and is enthusiastically seeking guest presenters. Dayna Davis, teacher and program facilitator, told CKTZ News the new...

Malibu Roots – back to the beginning!

So what is the back story of this series?  What are the histories and motivations of the characters?  Let’s start at Day One of our voyage, before our main characters ever met, before they formed a crew and before they encountered the Norse goddess...

Fish will return to the Dillon Creek wetland restoration

It has been more than 130 years since the land was drained, but fish may soon return to what is now called the Dillon Creek wetland restoration on Cortes Island. Image credit: Cutthroat Trout – Timothy Knepp, NCTC Image Library, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Public...

Groundwater registration deadline looming for British Columbians

The government of BC issued a reminder on Saturday that users of groundwater from wells or dugouts for commercial purposes must register by March 1, 2022 to maintain access rights. Photo credit: Glass Of Water by Sue Thompson via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License) A...

What the Dillon Creek Wetlands restoration means to Linnaea farm

As the Dillon Creek wetlands project enters a new phase, Linnaea Farm’s executive director Tamara McPhail describes what this project means to her. “I got to see the farm through a wetland restoration guru’s eyes and that was really eye opening for me,” she said....

Playschool program on hold due to lack of staff

The Cortes Island playschool is still seeking to fill two vacancies and has a lot of support and flexibility for the right candidates. Image credit: Kids playing with their dog during sunset – Photo by Rene Bernal via Unsplash CKTZ News spoke with Mary Lavelle,...

New UBC tool aims to bridge gap between housing needs and availability

UBC has developed a new Housing Assessment Resource Tool (HART) to identify sites that can be used to bridge the gap between housing needs and potential building sites in specific communities. According to data from the 2016 census, the UBC research estimates that 1.7...

BC announces maximum rent hike for 2022

The British Columbia Ministry of Attorney General responsible for Housing has capped the maximum allowable 2022 rent increase for residential units at 1.5 per cent. According to the Ministry, landlords must provide their tenants with at least three months’ notice...

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Victoria Foundation

Klahoose First Nation

Friends of Cortes Island

Greg Osoba

Greg Osoba

Senior Producer

CKTZ listeners will know Greg Osoba by his on-air persona “Nat King Cono”, who has been bringing his Friday Lunchtime Locomotion music program to the airwaves for nearly 10 years.

Born and raised in Vancouver, he trained as a broadcast professional in Ontario before working as a radio news reporter for eight years in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver covering crime, the courts, politics, the arts, lifestyle and sports.

He also worked for 26 years on Cortes at Hollyhock, primarily in the role of Marketing Manager as well as in several other departments. He brings to the Deep Roots Initiative his passion for working with others, enthusiastic collaborative content creation, and professional quality programming.

Jacqueline Mathieu

Jacqueline Mathieu

Klahoose Coordinator

My Name is Jacqueline Mathieu.  I am the Daughter of Emma Yvonne Louie and Pierre Mathieu My Grandparents are John Louie, Emma Hill and Laurier Mathieu , Jacqueline Lamire I belong to the Klahoose First Nation on Cortes Island Originating in Toba Inlet. I am Currently working in Language preservation and Cultural revitalization within my community as well as a liaison between Klahoose and the Cortes island radio specifically working on the Deep Roots Project. Without my ancestors I would not be doing the good work I do, my people motivate me. With my work in the Deep Roots project I would love to see more Indigenous writers telling indigenous stories. Our main mandate with my work in Deep Roots is to ensure authenticity and I know our team of writers and editors will make my dream a reality.
Rob Selmanovic

Rob Selmanovic


It was the tinny tones of talk radio reverberating in the childhood kitchen that first captured Rob’s imagination and wonder. Listening and learning.

Fast forward to young teen when Rob’s electric guitar became a new tool to explore sound and music. That fascination with electronics, wires and gadgets inspired a deeper curiosity about recording and broadcast.

Eventually, the confluence of music, technology, and stories flowed naturally into a career in radio with the CBC where Rob contributed as a technician, engineer and producer for over 20 years.

Along the way, Rob developed a passion for teaching that led him to become a trainer and course designer for CBC Radio and The Canadian Media Guild.

Now living on Cortes Island, Rob is teaching yoga and health practices and happy to be part of the Deep Roots team at CKTZ.

Howie Roman

Howie Roman


Howie is a long term Cortes Islander who has been with Cortes Radio from almost the beginning 11 years ago. He and a friend, Paul the K, have one of the longest running shows on CKTZ, Anything Goes. Over the years Howie has taken many roles at Cortes Radio, from carpenter, janitor to programmer training to much more. Howie’s role in Deep Roots is to help tie the pieces together to further CKTZ.  He will be working with everyone in the project to fit their piece into the overall jig saw puzzle that makes Cortes Radio unique.
Sean Cowell

Sean Cowell

Technical Manager

Sean is a founder of Cortes Radio, a well known DJ and has kept us on the air from the beginning.
Morgan Tams

Morgan Tams

Senior Producer

Morgan Rhys Tams is a multi-disciplinary artist and media educator who spends his time on an assortment of small islands on British Columbia’s West Coast. As an artist his work has been shown in galleries, festivals and broadcast internationally. As an educator he has taught in partnership with The National Film Board of Canada, The City of Victoria Artist in Residence Program, The Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee, Hot Docs International Documentary Festival and The Klondike Institute of Art and Culture. Morgan has a passion for creative storytelling, community engagement, and pushing the boundaries of media form and format. Deep Roots represents his first foray into radio, but it certainly won’t be his last.
Odette Auger

Odette Auger

Fundraising & Volunteer Coordinator

Odette Auger, of Sagamok Anishinabek through her mother, Communications and Project Financial Manager. Odette brings her background in education, support work, literacy outreach, visual arts and fund raising to naturally combine in Deep Roots Initiative. “This project is meaningful to me because it positively and creatively revisits assumptions and perspectives.”