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THE NCRA Community Radio Awards : bringing together over a hundred campus and community radio stations from across the country! Submissions took place in early 2019, with the works being drawn from programming in January 1, 2018, to December 31st 2018. We submitted Deep Roots stories singularly and as the series. The series won honourable mention!

Since 1993, the NCRA/ANREC Awards have honoured the amazing programming, people, and activities of our sector and continue to reflect the range and diversity of campus and community radio across Canada.

Deep Roots

Deep Roots initiative wouldn’t be possible without Jacqueline Mathieu and her coordination work with Klahoose community members. Thank you to Chief Peacey and Council for naming her to this role.. which started as a volunteer position and has grown to be the foundation for great stories. Thank you to our Klahoose voices… who truly guided season 2 stories… And the happy work to bring 3 sister nations together to work collaboratively. Koosen Pielle, Drew Blaney~ drumming and singing you will hear joining Klahoose voices. FOCI, CKTZ, CIMAS representatives supported the process. Chaired by David Rousseau, who does so many good things. Check out Cortes Radio ​website​ for full list of writers, producers, stories and spinoffs.

See the bottom of this article for a full list of our donors, sponsors and funders~ E’mote, Thank you!

Submissions From Season Two

“Listen to What Has Been Shared”… who is listening?

Last June, we submitted a few of our Deep Roots stories to Indigenous Services Canada, “Listen to What has been Shared Campaign”. It was an internal campaign within ISC, and we shared our stories. They set up a room with listening stations, and shared the clips, with photo displays from the podcast pages. They received a package of promo materials/posters and mp3s. Have another listen to these stories that focus on strength and resilience.

Princess Jacqueline-​ Jacqueline Mathieu, producer/writer Morgan Tams
Behind every Good Man is a Strong Woman​- Jacqueline Mathieu, producer/writer Coming of Age​- Michelle Robinson, producer/writer Carrie Saxifrage
Stand Your Ground- Jessie Louie, producer/writer Odette Auger

We heard that the campaign was very well received by ISC Vancouver office staff, and continues to be featured at the department’s Joint Gathering AS A TOOL TO REORIENT CROWN-INDIGENOUS RELATIONS in the context of public service.

We are honoured to work with Klahoose and sister nations voices~ and they are being heard.

Klahoose First Nation

Will There Be More?

Will there be more Deep Roots stories? Our goal is YES: on a smaller, yet more powerful scale, we are outreaching our community for donations. We have several stories in the works, that await fundraising support to complete editing to broadcast/podcast quality. A true mark of success would be to see Deep Roots continue, with Klahoose producer/writers, and training for capacity building.

Season Three

This past season the Deep Roots Initiative focused on training youth voices and language:

  • Klahoose Language Program With Norm Harry
  • Spark Point Music
  • Story from Hear
  • Word Of The Day
  • You Tell A Story!
  • Youth Voices Radio Workshop

About the NCRA

Community radio is about volunteerism, social engagement, independent music, learning by doing, community capacity building, citizen journalism and more. Here’s a quick sketch of NCRA members, in all our diversity.

Our volunteers are the cultural pioneers and opinion leaders of their local communities. Close to one-half of these volunteers are students and student leaders, they are opinion-makers, newsmakers, and trend-setters in their communities, and future leaders of Canadian culture and society. As well, the majority of these volunteers nationwide are artists, political and social activists, and members of multiple civil society organizations and grassroots movements.

NCRA’s Diverse Communities

Programming languages: at least 63 — English, French, Macedonian, Polish, Slovakian, Arabic, Hindi, Croatian, Serbian, Mandarin, Spanish, Cantonese, Somali, Polish, Italian, Ukranian, Ethiopian, Hindi, Punjabi, Pakistani, Hungarian, Assyrian, Eritrean, German, Vietnamese, Romanian, Japanese, Korean, Klahoose-Ayajuthem​, Portuguese, Ahmaric, Khmer, Polish, Kurdish, Azesi, Armenian, Tagalog, Turkish, Mandarin, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, BerBer, Tamil, Haitian Creole, Bosnian, Bangla, Farsi, Somali, Eritrean, Cree, Nepalese, Tigrinya, Greek, Ethiopian, Eesti, Gaelic, Urdu, Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, Ojibway

Our members are as diverse as the communities they serve and respond to local realities/needs in their programming, their staffing, community development work, and their services and fundraising. There is no typical community-based radio station - all our members are exceptional!

Investing In Communities

Each dollar invested in Community Radio goes immeasurably farther in our community than money invested in other parts of the broadcasting sector, and a far greater portion of that investment will stay in the community where it is invested, since our volunteer base is comprised of community-minded, grassroots, engaged citizens who participate in the local economy and use creative solutions to stretch their operating dollars.

Much of this economic impact is not reflected on traditional balance sheets. For example, a large portion of the advertising on c/c stations is targeted and priced for local independent businesses and non-profit organizations and as such may also be discounted, played for free as a public service announcement or exchanged for goods and services in-kind.

Community-based radio stations are community-owned, democratically-governed, non-share not-for-profit corporations; therefore they are not subject to acquisition/relocation, they are structurally bound to the communities that they serve.

E’mote! thank you - beyond financial support, donors give us the gift of encouragement.​..

Season 1

Community Radio Fund Canada
Tides Canada with support from Victoria Foundation and FOCI Anonymous, Quadra Island family
Anonymous, Cortes Island family
Literacy Now

Season 2

Community Radio Fund Canada
Canada 150 from Cortes Museum and Archives
3 Anonymous Cortes Island donors- families and foundation. Anonymous, Quadra Island family
Cortes Community Forest Coop

Please connect with cortesradio@gmail.comif you’d like to share a donation ~do let us know if you are donating to station or Deep Roots specifically.