Deep Roots

The Deep Roots Initiative is sponsored by the Community Radio Fund of Canada and builds upon a strong foundation of CKTZ’s successful Legends series and our long running Coast Salish language program. Cortes has a remarkable reservoir of cultural knowledge, environmental science and practical expertise, all with deep roots in volunteerism, and local responsibility.  The Initiative will provide the vehicle for putting those resources to work in the community, through the radio. (Read More)

Season Three

This season the Deep Roots Initiative produced the following series:

Klahoose Language Program With Norm Harry

Spark Point Music

Story from Hear

Word Of The Day

You Tell A Story!

Youth Voices Radio Workshop

Season Two

Coming Of Age With Deep Roots

How Did Toba Inlet Get Its Name?

‘Princess J’

Awakening The Canoes

To Womanhood

Preserve/ Preserve/ Reserve

The Trail

Behind Every Good Man Are Strong Women

Reclaiming Culture, Culture Nights

The Klahoose Arborglyph

Stand Your Ground

Toba: The Heart Home

Language Warrior

Cultivating Traditional Health

Season One

Who Speaks for Brother Wolf?

Finding Gilean Douglas & The Protected Place

Secrets of the Cedar Weavers

Where Have All the Salmon Gone?

Owl Wisdom

The Energetic Forest

A Reshuffling Of Atoms

Clam Gardens


A Sense of Belogging