After more than two decades with local internet provider TwincommDino Tsakonas has become the face of CityWest throughout much of our our region.

Where fibre optic cable will reach land on Cortes Island – courtesy CityWest

In this morning’s interview he explains how this came about and gives a few more details about the Last Mile project that will bring more reliable high speed internet to homes on Cortes and  Quadra Islands, as well as other communities throughout our region.

“It really started with me being involved in the undersea fibre project, that was the partnership between the SRD (Strathcona Regional District) and CityWest. I was heavily involved because I was trying to get more fibre for Twincomm, “ he explained. “What happened was we were trying to work out a deal last fall, between Twincomm and City West, that kinda fell through a little bit and then CityWest just offered me a job.”

Now Tsakonas is CityWest’s Regional Manager for our area. He is overseeing a potential expansion into multiple islands, – including Quadra and Texada Islands – as well as potentially Bliss Landing, Powell River and yet to be revealed parts of Vancouver Island.

One of his first actions, however, was to get Twincomm and CityWest back to the negotiating table.

“Right now we are in negotiations to see if CityWest can purchase Twincomm,” he explained.

What Dino Tsakonas is working on

High speed fibre optic internet cables into people’s homes - courtesy CityWest

He still works out of his home on Cortes Island.

Cortes will also be the first local location where fibre optic cables are brought directly into the homes. In the podcast above, he discusses their use of a technology that can go under roads, without disturbing them.

Tsakonas advises everyone on Cortes to get it, while its free.

He also talks about different different service and pricing levels.

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Top photo credit: Screenshot of Dino Tsakonas – provided by Dino Taskonas

This program was funded by a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada and the Government of Canada’s Local Journalism Initiative