In this episode of Art on the Island, Maureen Bader interviews stone carver Donna Naven. Donna has lived on the Island for 25, moving here after spending four years in Scotland. Donna came to Cortes to study at the Linnaea Garden program and started stone carving here about 18 years ago.

Donna Naven

Maureen Bader
Donna Naven on Art ion the Island

Donna is mostly self taught. Her works are typically of a size that can be held in the hand although she has carved stone creations up to three feet tall. Listen as Donna describes one of her tools, a dremel, which looks a bit like a dentist’s drill for Frankenstein – it is a scary tool! Donna strives for simplicity in her work and is inspired by the Inuit style, and sculptors such as Hib Sabin because of his naturalness and sense of grounding. Animals such as owls, musk ox and bears represent a large part of Donna’s work, as do feminine subjects. Many of the animals are mythical or fantasy creatures. Donna hopes to show regularly at the Friday market and may be at the Cortes Craft Shop this summer. See more of Donna’s work at You can get in touch with Donna at naven-at-stonepresence-dot-com and she is in the phone book here.