Hello listeners, my is Gregg aka Hiway Hippy. I came to Cortes Radio with my End of the Road Show the first week of June 2018.

Funny thing is the station was the first building I entered upon my arrival to the island back in May. Drawn in by the hometown ambiance and the endless volumes of music I was instantly caught hook, line and sinker.   I didn’t know exactly how I would find a space to fill but I knew in my heart that I could add my own twist into ‘Puttin the Freak into Frequency’.

Fortunately I was able to meet Howie while moving a local fellow and we set the wheels in motion for a chance at becoming a D.J. 3 day’s later we had an impromptu training session and as they say, the rest is history and I’ve been spinning the tunes Friday afternoons starting at 3pm through till 7pm.

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Music Tastes

  I have a wide variety of music tastes but the one thing I try to do is play Hard Rock and Alternative in 1 hour long sets. This program has been a work in progress with many hurdles to cross being mostly transient. Most of the summer was spent sailing, stopping by the station to pre-record the show for later airing. I now have a laptop dedicated to music and the production of radio and karaoke shows. This coupled with various networks for music available to me as well as the new contacts I am making in the local music community, has given me the freedom to remain semi-transient while offering 4 hours of unique weekly programming. I strive to not repeat music from week to week which in turn has not only my library growing but you the listener not being bored by that same old music week after week.


This in itself is a tall order and if it not for my listeners sending me in suggestions I would not be able to do it. It is after all a community radio station and as such I welcome any and all requests or even full sets [12 songs] to create your own playlist for airing on ‘The End of the Road Show’.   If you’d like to participate then send me an email to: endoftheroadradio@gmail.com and let’s get Friday afternoons ‘Rockin’ .   Until Friday then with much Gratitude, Yours, HiwayHippy

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