Deep Roots Island Waves

Season Two Of The Deep Roots Initiative

The Deep Roots Initiative builds upon a strong foundation of CKTZ’s successful Legends series over the past year, and our long running Coast Salish language program.

Cortes has a remarkable reservoir of cultural knowledge, environmental science and practical expertise, all with deep roots in volunteerism, and local responsibility.

The Initiative provided the vehicle for putting those resources to work in the community, through the radio.The Deep Roots Initiative developed local and regionally based community radio programming on topics such as local First Nations culture, island history, and environmental issues. Most environmental issues are global in nature, but have local faces with unique perspectives, strategies and actions. These can be effectively intertwined with our present day needs and challenges, transformed by traditional knowledge.

Click here for the ECOreport’s article about the launch of season two.

Podcasts of season two episodes already broadcast:

  1. Coming Of Age With Deep Roots
  2. How Did Toba Inlet Get Its Name?
  3. ‘Princess J’
  4. Awakening The Canoes
  5. To Womanhood
  6. Preserve/ Preserve/ Reserve
  7. The Trail