Deep Roots

The Deep Roots Initiative

The Deep Roots Initiative builds upon a strong foundation of CKTZ’s successful Legends series over the past year, and our long running Coast Salish language program.

Cortes has a remarkable reservoir of cultural knowledge, environmental science and practical expertise, all with deep roots in volunteerism, and local responsibility.

The Initiative provided the vehicle for putting those resources to work in the community, through the radio.The Deep Roots Initiative developed local and regionally based community radio programming on topics such as local First Nations culture, island history, and environmental issues. Most environmental issues are global in nature, but have local faces with unique perspectives, strategies and actions. These can be effectively intertwined with our present day needs and challenges, transformed by traditional knowledge.

Deep Roots: Steering Committee For Season One

Deep Roots Steering Committee

  • Odette Auger, fundraising advisor
  • Shannon Jonasson, education and youth advisor
  • Kate Maddigan, Friends of Cortes Island board liaison
  • Jacqueline Mathieu, Klahoose First Nation liaison
  • David Rousseau, project lead and Cortes Community Radio Society board liaison
  • Max Thaysen, Friends of Cortes Island president
  • Sheryl Thompson, Cortes Community Radio Society president

Deep Roots Story Producers

  • Odette Auger – Clam Gardens – History shows us that First Nations have had an elaborate shellfishery for thousands of years. What’s become of that rich food source and what lies ahead for it’s future?
  • Brittany Baxter – Sparks Fly In The Forest – how an environmental challenge brings together unlikely alliances to create positive change in the Cortes Island community and beyond.
  • Rick Bockner – The Energetic Forest – Do trees communicate? Do they look after each other and other species? Rick Bockner unearths a sophisticated network of co-dependent life forces, below and above our feet.
  • Mercedes Grant – A Reshuffling Of Atoms – Why are we so afraid of death and how do we prepare for it? For something that’s inevitable we sure do our best to avoid it. Mercedes Grant takes us on a personal journey of grief and resolution.
  • Roy L Hales – Where Have All The Salmon Gone? – We’ve been hearing about diminishing wild salmon runs for years, but is this just part of a much bigger cycle? Find out how the answer to this question is far more complex than simply drawing a line between A and B.
  • Sobhana Dilani Hippola – Finding Gilean Douglas & The Protected Place – A powerful examination of the life and legacy of pioneering ecologist Gilean Douglas and the impact her vision has had on present day conservation efforts and attitudes.
  • Natalia Nybida – Who Speaks For Brother Wolf? – Western culture paints wolves with a dark brush as evil characters in myths and fairytales, but perhaps that’s because they’re more like us than we care to admit. Natalia Auger Nybida takes a deep look at the essential role wolves play in our ecosystem.
  • Annie Rosenberg – Owl Wisdom – Decades after a nearly unspeakable family tragedy, family members gain insight from what  appears to be a chance encounter, later revealing itself as an auspicious message.
  • Morgan Tams – Stuff! – Our material world is obsessed with acquiring and accumulating stuff. But how much do we all really need? Morgan Tams looks for options and solutions to this omnipresent conundrum.
  • Tara Warkentin – Secrets Of The Cedar Weavers – By tracing the history and stories behind two hats, Tara Warkentin discovers a rich tapestry of practical and symbolic significance found in this ancient art.