Free Range Radio

Free Range Radio Sundays from 7:30 - 9:30 PM

Doug Hamel made his first broadcast as a two-hour-long tribute to Gord Downey. He had underwent some introductory DJ training at Cortes Radio months before, but found the time commitment intimidating. He works as a building contractor six days a week! Everything changed that first day he spoke into the microphone. That was the birth of Free Range Radio.

“I don’t hear my point of view anywhere in Mainstream - anywhere. There are some small alternative sites where what I am trying bring out comes out - and this was brought forward to me by a gentleman who used to work for the CBC who lives in the community. My sister worked for the CBC. And I shut off Mainstream eight years ago because I couldn’t handle the inability to show any kind of balanced reporting,” says Doug.
Click on this link to access his profile on the ECOreport.)