Phil’s Pick N Mix

Phil Allen of Phil's Pick n Mix - Roy L Hales photo

Phil’s Pick n Mix - Wednesdays8-10 PM

Originally Published on the ECOreport

Phil Allen became a DJ back in the years that Cortes Community radio was a pirate station. He likes to find new music and share it with others. Phil jokes that his show is the one man and his dog show. It can feel very lonely, being in the DJ booth by himself speaking into a microphone. You don’t know if anyone is actually listening until someone comments about your show. So why does he do it? What is the Story Behind Phil’s Pick ’n Mix?

As you can tell from his accent, Phil comes from England. His father still lives in Oakley village.

“That is where I go back, when I go back, but as soon as I hit adulthood I did a lot of travelling. I spent a year at college in Plymouth. I went back to Bedfordshire for a short time, realized I could not live with my parents anymore. I was in my twenties. So I moved down to London and squatted there for three years, living in empty council places,” he said.

Phil explained, “You can’t be caught for breaking and entering if you are just living there. You aren’t doing anything illegal. I didn’t consider it bad because I wasn’t taking anyone’s place. All the places we were living in were considered unfit for human habitation. They had no heating or … the council couldn’t rent them out, so we just moved in instead.”

Most of the building was occupied and, as Phil lived on the 19th floor, his unit benefitted from the residual heat below.

He eventually found inexpensive rentals in other parts of London, moved to Australia for a year and then travelled through Asia. (Read More)