Cortes Island’s first community meal took place at Mansons Hall on Dec. 7, an event which hopefully will be the first of many in the coming year.

Ester Strijbos, coordinator of Better at Home for Cortes, says the meal is not just about food. The community meals are envisioned as all ages events that bring people together, she told CKTZ. “We know that food in a social setting is a super big component of building connections.”

She said that they’re hoping to host a meal on a weekly basis and rotate thru the three community centres, Mansons Hall, the Gorge and Klahoose.

The community meal program, funded through the Better at Home Food Security Initiative, takes inspiration from the weekly community meal on neighbouring Quadra Island.

“They have this on Quadra Island, a weekly community meal, and it’s very popular there,” stated Strijbos.

A second community meal will take place at Mansons Hall  on Thursday, Dec. 14 at noon.

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