Podcast illustration: Runa whose song "The House Carpenter," from the album "Stretched On Your Grave", opens this program. 
Podcast illustration: Runa whose song “The House Carpenter,” from the album “Stretched On Your Grave“, opens this program. 

Folk Club with Andy Vine - Tues. 10 - 11 AM;  Repeats: Fri. 6 - 7 PM

The Folk Club is a one hour show hosted by Andy Vine and focused on folk music of all kinds but perhaps with a bit of a bias towards acoustic and Celtic music. Andy himself was raised in the UK and started his folk singing there during the 1960’s folk revival. Still an active musician, Andy has acquired a large library of folk music, from which he draws for his radio show. He is also constantly on the lookout for new folk music and is consistently delighted by how much great traditional music is being made by young people.

December 2018

Dec 8, 2018 - Folk Club
Dec 2, 2018 - Folk Club

Andy also likes to include music by local BC artists, many of whom he has a personal connection with having lived and played music in Vancouver for many years.

Requests and music suggestions are always welcome.