After years going hungry while waiting for ferry overloads at the Whaletown BC Ferry Terminal, travelers will finally have access to a snack as Sunflower Foods opens their truck on Byer’s Point Road.

Historically, the location of the new snack stop was a cafe that served people waiting for the ferry, but that establishment has been closed for many years. Sunflower Foods began on Cortes as a food truck in Whaletown by Trude’s Cafe in 2020 and has evolved as a food company, since building their own commercial kitchen. They are now reusing the food truck as the snack stand for travelers at the ferry terminal.

The food truck will be open Sundays and Mondays from 7 a.m. to noon. As the summer season progresses, the snack haven will expand its open days to Thursday and Tuesday.

CKTZ News spoke with Sunflower Foods on opening day May 26.