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In this morning’s program we conclude Jeanette Taylor’s presentation 60 Terrific Historical Spots to Visit on Northern Vancouver Island by looking at sites between Port Neville & Cape Scott.

“When I started going [to Port Neville] about ten years ago it was still operating as a post office. Even though there is not more than ten people in the whole region, they hung on for dear life to their post office. They still had the original cancellation stamp from the 1890s there. So I had a stamp collector on one of the tours that I do there who was .. just shaking with excitement about writing a letter, putting a stamp on it and having it cancelled in the Port Neville Post Office.” – Jeanette Taylor

From Port Neville To Cape Scott

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Billy Proctor “has charisma and young women love him. He was raised by his mom; his died early on. HIs mom had a fish buying camp and a post office up there in the Broughtons … He has never driven a car. There’s all kinds of things he’s never done. He loves to tell stories and he attracts women. How do you do that when you are an old guy who has lived in isolation? He’s cool.”