Gabbing About Gardening is a weekly interview-style radio show, broadcast 1:00 to 2:30 on Tuesdays, and hosted by Lucretia (Lu) Schanfarber.

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She also hosts a weekly Gabbing About Gardening Zoom Gathering for Gardeners!

This show features experienced and expert gardeners, writers, teachers, farmers and chefs who “gab” with Lu about a wide range of topics including permaculture, composting, cooking, seed-saving, soil health, community gardens, urban gardening, food security, medicinal plants, edible landscaping and much more.  Guests on Lu’s show come from near and far, locally and globally.

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Lu is a long-time gardener who manages two demonstration gardens - one on Cortes Island and one on Quadra Island. “I am more of an experimenter than an expert when it comes to gardening,” admits Lu. “I am always trying new ways of doing things in the garden. I follow the principles of permaculture and practice a ‘no-dig’ style of gardening. I am a compost junkie with all kinds of compost piles and bins in various stages of decomposition. I’m always mucking about.

She also hosts a weekly Gabbing About Gardening Zoom Gathering for Gardeners and writes a regular gardening column for Maple Magazine, a popular Canadian lifestyle magazine.

Lu served for three years as president of Quadra Island Garden Club and is a founding member of the Cortes Island Garden Club. She also served on the executive team of the BC Council of Garden Clubs.  Lu worked for 30 years in the Natural Health Products industry. She also was a regular contributor to Canadian health magazines, a contributing editor to The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing (Alive Publishing) and was host of “Healthy Stuff Radio Show” in Vancouver.

Gabbing About Gardening Radio Show will evolve towards a call-in format where listeners can gab on air with Lu and her guests. “I’m doing what I love to do - gabbing about gardening.  It’s a dream come true for me. We know of only one planet where we can grow a garden and that is Mother Earth. She is literally ‘Our Garden Planet’. Let’s appreciate and celebrate how wonderful our garden planet truly is,” says Lu.