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Gaia Grooves airs on Saturday nights at 9:00, is rebroadcast Wednesday afternoons at 4:00 and can also be found on Podcast at cortesradio.ca ……….so that means right below.
It is an opportunity to dance round your house or under the stars and to hear something new or a song you haven’t heard in the broad genre of World Fusion music. It’s not always a high tempo dance experience . I don’t cater constantly to how many Beats Per Minute there are in a song. It’s also about Fun Per Minute and Love Per Minute.

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I am not a stickler to exact science when it comes to what I play. Under my large umbrella of World Fusion you will hear World Beat which I loosely describe as African, Latin, Asian, Mid Eastern, Celtic and a large ETC. You will also hear Reggae, House, Hip Hop, Down Tempo, Dub Step, Bhangra, Techno. Electronica, Calypso, and another large ETC.

In my home town of Victoria, back in 1995, I created a radio show on CFUV 101.9.F. M. at the University Of Victoria. It started off as a Contemporary Folk show but very shortly into it I found thousands of World Music CDs and LPs in CFUV’s Music Library and Planet Folk was born.

I aired the show every Tuesday afternoon from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. and did so for 9 years. Given the population of Victoria I had hundreds of listeners, many of whom gave me feedback and ideas for music.

During this time, given the amazing music I was discovering, I also created a monthly Community dance called Dance Of The One Heart, known for 20 years simply as the One Heart Dances. It was a music first experience with no alcohol and drugs allowed inside. Of course some folks danced while under the influence of the aforementioned but you get the idea. It was family friendly and children came and were welcome. I also started creating an ever changing intriguing ambience for the dancers, me being one of them.

It was a very cool experience for me to meet so many alternative people with a love of Community and Dance. I took the One Heart Dances to Sooke, Salt Spring, the Cowichan Valley and also Lasqueti, Hornby and Cortes islands.

I also Produced many LIVE Events at many locations over the years, often Spinning tunes between Musician’s performances.
Gaia Grooves is in it’s second incarnation on CKTZ. I resurrected it in 2020, a few months into Covid when so many of us were not dancing together anymore and thought it would be fun for folks.

Admittedly the show rarely matches the tempo of a high energy rock or blues show/dance but there are plenty of those in the world of radio.

I approach creating each show like a healthy adult bedtime story. I believe in sonic foreplay, building up to ecstatic movement. So like an airplane ride, the rhythm starts slowly, builds up speed and then takes off!!!

Feel free to Request Songs at 1heart@telus.net

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