While of the vast majority Cortes Radio’s web and FM listeners are Canadian, there is a special niche where our largest audience is European. When it comes to high fidelity radio, Germany is number one!

Data for CKTZ’s aac* listeners during November 2018 - courtesy VosCast

Germany Is Number One

“The data I sent is from the aac+ stream which is a high-fidelity stream but which is (I think) only linked to Shoutcast and a couple other sites so gets much less traffic.  Germans must be sticklers for high fidelity sound LOL!,” explains Sean, Cortes Radio’s technical expert.

“If you’re wondering why the hi-fi stream isn’t on the website, it’s because it would require a second listen live button (confusing) and some people’s devices/software have trouble with the aac+ stream, so it makes much more sense to use the universal mp3 stream on the website.”

The Majority Of Our Listeners

As might be expected VosCast, who streams our broadcasts to the internet, reports that more than 80% of our overall web audience is Canadian.

The data from our website is more specific. 77% of our visitors are British Columbian and a large percentage are from cities like Richmond (18%), Courtenay (9%) and Vancouver (8%).

There is no available data for our FM radio audience, but we believe is it probably about the same size as our web audience.  So we probably have a total listening audience of 5,000 to 6,000.

Top photo credit: “Prost!” by Adrián Pérez via Flickr (CC BY SA, 2.0 License)