Originally Published on the ECOreport (Now Cortes Currents)

He helped shape Cortes Radio almost since the beginning. as one of the station’s early Presidents, as a senior producer of our Deep Roots Initiative and most Fridays he hosts the Lunchtime Locomotion. In addition to this, he is a member of Cortes Island’s original rock quartet and more recently Back Eddy and the Procrastinators. In this morning’s interview, I asked Greg Osaba to tell us his story.

In the podcast, Greg Osaba talks about …

  • “There is something to that adage 10 years or 10,000 hours, because something starts to happen after that point. Once you put in your time, what starts to happen I’ve found - and other musicians I know who are experienced concur with this - is that you become competent  …. suddenly you are afforded the opportunity to llisten. And to create good music, thats done as an ensemble, 90% is listening.”

Photo Credit: (top) Senior Deep Roots Producer Greg Osaba with Natalia Nybida, story producer of “Who Speaks For Brother Wolf” - courtesy Odette Auger; (in podcast: Greg in concert - courtesy Greg Osaba. 

Originally broadcast Dec 11, 2018.