In this episode of Art on the Island Maureen Bader talks to artists Hanna Petkau and Francesca Belcourt.  Both Hanna and Francesca grew up on Cortes Island and come back every summer to connect with people here.

Hanna and Francesca have a collaborative show on at the Schoolhouse Gallery between July 26 and August 4 called Pooling. This show is a collection of what lures them back to the Island and carries them forward. The work reflects the experiences that shape the trajectory of their work.

Maureen Bader

Hanna has been an artist for a long as she can remember and Francesca joined in with Hanna once they got to know each other her on the Island as children. Both Hanna and Francesca talk about their background, including an artist residency in Spain. Hanna strives for balance in her artwork and this is reflected in her life.

Both have worked in many media Francesca’s parents are artists so art was a big part of her childhood, and she has taken on a graphic sense and is interested in illustration. Listen as Francesca talks about how she was drawn to music. Francesca has been recording since she was nine and learned about music production in High School in Campbell River. Francesca has been self-producing music since then and continues today in her home in London, England.

Hanna talks about how she developed her sculptures - by collecting items over the years - and how the arrangement references a garden in bloom, an ocean ecosystem and a collective of people gathered in celebration.

Francesca designed the sound component of the show, with three main sections of the piece that reference different childhood memories.

They worked collaboratively on a series of drawings, from small to large.

You can hear Francesca’s music at and spotify.