A familiar local machine now calls the Southern Cortes Community Association’s (SCCA) community kitchen home.

An espresso machine was recently donated to Mansons Hall, the same machine that was originally a fixture of Trude’s Cafe, which closed in the mid-2010s.

Trude’s was known as a community hub, hosting arts events and serving coffee for 20 years. The building was demolished in February 2022, but the espresso machine was saved by a Whaletown local. The Floathouse, also a part of the Gorge Harbor property, permanently closed in 2023 and was later demolished as well, leaving the island with no restaurants in sight.

Despite the end of Trude’s and the Floathouse, the espresso machine will live on as an asset to the community kitchen in Mansons Hall. 

CKTZ News found out more about the future of the machine’s new life.